Friday, 25 December 2009

happy chrismas all

happy chrismas to everyone

i had a festive falcon and pod kill on Wednesday i hope that pilot has a good chrismas as well :D
also have carrier level 4 now so i can have 10 drones (with the help of control unit) out which i love :D
also refined my ishtar fit which i love to bits and earning a good amount of money off all this new 0.0 stuff i  hope to buy a Deimos sometimes soon along with my very own Proteus both of which im not sure on the fit

one thing i did notice i missed off my last update was some images
so i will add some now to make up for that

how do you like the little conga line i got going there
i let you guess which one im flying :P

Monday, 21 December 2009

Ok how not to update

Ok 1st off I have been updating
But I just never published my blogs lol
so you ever get that feeling when something keeps building up and you keep putting it off then next time you come back to it you will have to do even more work to make it right. Yer well that’s this blog post.
So all that has happened is that I’ve been writing down notes and then forgetting about them then added
The blog becomes larger and larger in till I get to now and I think maybe I should post this and post on a more regular basis. 
but now I think about it, my blogs are about me and my life in eve and if my delayed updating is me then it’s just right :P
So like iv done before I will just post it all out in a jumble  :P

Class 5 WH
Even the gas mining in a class 5 WH is deadly, 2 Battleships spawn in the gas belts and they eat you for tea.
I went in with my tanked dominix and a friend in a Hyperion remote reping me and they just melted me like butter I was only just able to get out. Now I won’t brag but my dominix tank is good but while I did last longer than my friend I could not have taken them on alone. Nor did we manage to break them even after warping out (yes my domi and his hype did get out) and coming back for more.
I can’t imagine what kind of loot you get from a BS that powerful I love to crack one open and scope up its goo :P
In the end we settled for a less rare gas site where we mined it bear and my friend took the gas to build stuff with.
I also have a little business deal going on with my friend where I will hopefully earning money off building Tech 3 ships with him
And once get the ships building :) I will get my own :D

Dominion hype
See the new Dominion trailer (was new when I took the notes lol)
Its fanatic
I recommend downloading it form eve online website and playing over and over again on big screen TV

Corp management
Way to much business reuting all new players
Never knew corp management could be so much work

Losing ships
arg iv lost 3 ships in a short amount of time!
1st one was my SB to a bomb that I was not able to outrun, while I was trying to protect a bunch of logistics ships reping a POS
2nd was an Eris from taking on an Arazu, never reile on falcon ECM support the falcon was not able to get a jam and pop I go.
3rd was a Myrmidon I lost to a bunch of war targets we were camping in ammar. I really did not expect the neut’s around the station to start helping them that was a stupid mistake it’s been to long since I fight in high sec wars.

Then new world
I mined in the new patch
I’ve not mined in ages! I can’t believe I enjoyed it some what
I can’t believe what CCP are allowing you to get away with huge rare rocks :D I love it lets watch the market crash 
oo lord
Last few days have been insane! (Which only adds to the fact iv not been updating)
My alliance is now a happy Sov owner which we are working on upgrading our system and getting our outpost up
In the mean time I’ve gone in to more business with a group of friends running WH’s and DED sites around provi and if you read the 1st bit up there about the sleeper battleships well let’s just say I played them a another visit.
I will keep training this gang up so soon we will be able to run class 4 WH as a team and make lots of dosh.

Funny thing how you can just start to fleet command all of a sudden
Lately people seem to expect me to FC fleets (small ones rangeing from 5 members to 20). It’s funny how it started I just join a fleet see there is no leadership and step up in till a better FC comes along... no one else steps up (I will always hand it over I got some good friends I trust very much to FC and always hand it over to them if they are about) and I end up leading a fleet around which is fun to say the least. Very scary at one point when I logged on and there were 50 members in the fleet all needing a leader and the current FC begging me to take over, Long story short there was a carrier under attack in the next system this fleet had formed I just got back from eating and bam I was being asked to take over while the carrier shields where failing. Trying to get a hold of the situation and of the fleet in less than 5 minutes and get the fleet to the fight and keep them alive overwhelmed me to be honest and I managed to do the age old mistake of not warping fleet and just warping myself to die next to the carrier that was under attack. I got my pod out and lucky for me and for that carrier pilot a new FC had stood up warped the fleet and started calling primaries (I had not realised I had warped myself and called only 1 which asperity did die according to my friend).
So good job I say and very hard work
Lot a keres and go no kill mails :P
From that point I made my mind up I got to learn more about FC’ing and started asking and taking notes so that I would not make the same mistakes.

So now I get to today
Basically this is all that has happened since I last updated I’m sure I missed a lot of fine detail
but at the moment my eve life is full of politics and management (still FC’ing)  

The new free ship CCP gave us is cool (I think it looks good too)
And charismas is soon and I want the snowball launchers to come back: D
I hope to keep updating a little less jumbled like this
time will tell

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Back to the good old days of PvP and Building

I’m building tech 2 rigs :O and now I’m trying to get rid of them
I got hold a "Large Trimark Armour Pump II" BPC with two runs and why not make a bit of profit of it
Had to get some new skills which cost me 20mil plus another 250 mil for the parts to build and some general setup costs that round to 10mil.
Take to account I have to split the profit with 2 friends, I will only make 30 mil extra if they sell for their normal price (so for the work I put in its not fantastic but at least I get skills)
So if anyone wants some "Large Trimark Armour Pump II" I have two of them and I’m willing to part with them for 310mil (that’s below jita price :D )

My alt has his new hurricane, he has moved down to 0.0 in it to help me pvp and rat, which is nice coz he can tank battleships in belts. He is now my Rating scout he heads away I warp to him when he finds something of value otherwise my domi will kill the bad spawns so far it works very well.

My alt also got his first 2 kills which makes me so happy that he has gotten to that stage where he can fleet up and do some damage
Killed a Taranis trying to burn back to the gate (I have already said how funny I find these ones)
Talked with one hound bomber for ages as he got away while we killed the taranis and he had no way out (the other gate was bubbled)
His name was delarado and it was must amusing to talk to him in local
In fact it was so funny I’m going to post the convo
Delarado > damn you guys got it locked down eh
Gawiv Gallentar > hehe
Delarado > can i ask you guys a question?
Miglater > ?
Koontx > yes
Gawiv Gallentar > sure
Delarado > have you really been trying to kill us two for this long?
Zama Zarca > we are despate :P
Delarado > lol
Delarado > all for a hound and a ranis :P
Gawiv Gallentar > :)
Delarado > i just wanna leave! lol
Delarado > my sec is fixed now, 1.98 see
Delarado > i can go to 1.0 its home time
Zama Zarca > lol
Zama Zarca > you can leave
Zama Zarca > the fast way
Delarado > haha
Delarado > i have thought about it
Delarado > but
Delarado > id rather try and outsmart you guys
Delarado > but i dont suppose that onyx will ever run out of cap to run its bubble lol
Zama Zarca > lol no i dont thin so
Delarado > question is, who is more patient?
Tha Judge > only if my computer crashes
Delarado > LOL now you have two bubbles? overkill!
Shoshana Davill > o/
Delarado > thats a nice fleet u got though
Delarado > meet another gang youll do well
Shoshana Davill > yeah impressive blob
Delarado > its only a blob when you have more than me :)
Delarado > lol shoshana, DEF a blob when your in an amarr shuttle like u
Zama Zarca > yer we pride ourself in a quick resonce
Zama Zarca > that poor vaga
CRAZYMEATBALL > he died brave since he couldnt do anything :)
Delarado > harry you might wanna get on the gate or outside the bubble, one of the two
Zama Zarca > what about me
Zama Zarca > dont you care about me
Delarado > your fine, you can warp off if u get hotdropped
CRAZYMEATBALL > you can die
StarTrekReference > habba habba
CRAZYMEATBALL > your ships made of duck tape
Zama Zarca > yer
Delarado > my ships made of spit and paper mate
Zama Zarca > more duck tape than ship
CRAZYMEATBALL > oh and some used solar panels sorry
Delarado > lol
Delarado > they are piwate sails not solar panels
Zama Zarca > lol mine has tiny ones :(
Delarado > hurricane nice ship
CRAZYMEATBALL > yes cause in space theres tons of wind :)
Zama Zarca > lol
Delarado > hehe
Zama Zarca > shame zarca has such crap skills
Delarado > are those guys moving around to try and decloak me?
CRAZYMEATBALL > why are you even cloaked we are a blob here
CRAZYMEATBALL > theres nothing to hide
Zama Zarca > well it be stupid if they did not
Delarado > id be stupid if i was in the bubble :)
Zama Zarca > where is my titan and DD when i need to decloak someone on grid
Delarado > lool
Zama Zarca > iv seen some try to run the bubble
Delarado > i thought about slowboating it
Delarado > as you were all in the wrong place when i landed, but you had too much, not worth the risk
Zama Zarca > i have done it before in my main
Delarado > id rather sit here and try and make friends and hope you let me out from good will lol
Zama Zarca > it was trying to go down tubes
Delarado > was gonna say your talking titans and a 2009 player? haha
Zama Zarca > lol
StarTrekReference > i have no friends...
Zama Zarca > alt...
Gawiv Gallentar > aaaaw:)
Delarado > i have two alts
Zama Zarca > did we kill one?
Vodaclone007 > steveid > be warned. Were here to work of the sec we lost fighting amarr militita enemies and killing their carriers.
Delarado > haha
Delarado > well you guys have amarr militia set blue right?
Zama Zarca > yes
Delarado > and we are amarr miltiia
Zama Zarca > yes
Delarado > so your killing blues, kinda
Delarado > but our corp is red to you right?
Zama Zarca > but you killed blues
Delarado > ?
Zama Zarca > so you are red
Delarado > when?
Zama Zarca > lol i duno
Zama Zarca > i was just told to shoot
Ma Tun > o7 lads
Delarado > dude, we've never been here before
Ma Tun > i dont reccomend coming back :)
Gawiv Gallentar > maybe some of ur corpies dunno but noone gets red without sense....u need killmail for that
Delarado > lol says the man in a tristan
Delarado > yeah, i cant imagine why tbh
Zama Zarca > ok so i know why your KOS but im not telling you why
Zama Zarca > :P
Delarado > lol
Delarado > no you dont
Zama Zarca > ooo yes i do
Delarado > oooo no  you dont!
Delarado > *he's behind you!*
Zama Zarca > he is behind you!
Delarado > LOL
Zama Zarca > dam beat me to it
Delarado > you guys would be funny if you werent trying to kill me
Zama Zarca > lol i think that is funny (ofc thats my point of veiw)
Delarado > it made me laugh
Delarado > so, why are we KOS?
Delarado > i cant think why, we only ever lived in delve and then venal and now we dont live in either
Zama Zarca > coz CVA has you KOS
Delarado > ah ok, tru dat
Delarado > again im not sure why that is
Delarado > as we've never bothered them either
StarTrekReference > start reading.?
Delarado > im reading a book on japan actually
Delarado > im going there in 3 weeks
Zama Zarca > iv been told to shut up by my boss :D so i better shut up
Delarado > aww why?
StarTrekReference > shhht..
Delarado > this reminds me of the golden days of yahoo chat
Delarado > when you could have fun with anyone without them trying to cyber u
Delarado > a/s/l?
Thua Thal > what are you wearing?
Delarado > question is more like what arent i wearing
Thua Thal > YAY
Thua Thal > Wana chat in my private room?
StarTrekReference > iew.........
Thua Thal > I dear not hehe
Delarado > am i hawt?
Zama Zarca > ok iv been told if i dont shut up i will become the target
Delarado > haha can i target paint you to jew on the KM
 Zama Zarca > sure
I love the funny stuff you can get in local
I also love having a good old chat to the person I’m trying to kill (makes it feel a lot more about houner and good games than just fighting because we don’t like the reds)

I’ve been fleeting up as well with some large fleets that keep reds from entering D-GTMI.
Been flying my new keres in the fleet and ooo my has it done well. I used it to save an interceptor from another Crusader which turned on me but i was too fast and kepted it locked down and out of range even when he tried to get away from me. All while a zealot is trying to pop me:
Heavy Beam Laser II belonging to ***** heavily hits you, inflicting 333.3 damage.
Next when i start moving along his axis
Heavy Beam Laser II belonging to ***** misses you completely.
A small change can make a huge difference to the damage you get (which is a useful thing to note down)
Very good fun that was (got my blood going at any rate)

So with all the kills both me and my alt got on (Zama is now 4 kills and zarca has 2) i have a total of 6 but as they not the same account :P it will never show :(

Anyway it’s more of an update today telling you what I’ve been up to (which is why the blog is a little bit of a mess today).

I will leave you with a pic enjoy the bubbles

Saturday, 31 October 2009

So you killed your CEO now what?

Ok so it really isn’t that bad

a tip to everyone who has the power to pay with POS guns DONT lock someone and then release the control of the guns back to the POS. We where testing the POS guns (as we never have done that) and he was outside dropping cans for me to blow up so for a joke i had the idea i would lock him then i released the control just to be on the safe side (not unlocking him 1st).
The POS fleet like shooting my CEO in his Crane (90Mil ship) was very funny when I noticed his ship pop and watched missiles fly past him.

He was not happy...
at least I did not pod him. :P

My little trip down to jita

Ok so iv taken a trip down to jita to buy 3 things:
an Arazu + fit
an Keres + fit
and 10 sisters core and combat probes

I somehow lost my other sisters core probes, I don’t know how but I’ve seem to left them in space ARG i hate losing things

But anyway lets talk about my new ships.
Both share the same roles (E-War and point). And both are in my opion very good ships i love them both

The Keres coz its small has the same damping power as the arazu, not really a huge target for any FC and it makes a good tackle with fast lock speeds.

and the Arazu has an amazing tackle, it can fit Cov ops cloak Which is a huge plus, moves fast (so does the Keres) and the damping is just as good.
only one problem i cant fly the Arazu yet with its full fit

Little big fleets
I got involved with some fleets going out of my little 2v area (I don’t know why I call it 2v pocket the constellation is in fact called H-KW4A). We killed a Falcon with an amazing de-cloak by one of the fleet interceptors (really good job). And hit down a Taranis while it was trying to burn back to the gate (which I love watching them slow down)

What was not funny is two neut’s died because someone had them set to personal red (i really hate it when things go messy).

Cant wait for Dominion!!!

All the stuff in the new expiation is well cool
mail system, new worlds (which i took a peak at in Fanfest and now on test sever), the sov system which will be a dream come true for our alliance, the new browser (iv always hated the Eve browser), fleet finder and formations anyway WOOO HOOOO and so much more (titan DD anyone :P)

I just keep sitting here wishing it was already here

Only last note is I want more capital ops (I want to use my capital ship more!)

Anyway i will leave you with some pics enjoy and Fly safer than me

Zama 118

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Well yesterday was fun

CVA dispaned because someone hacked an Directors account

so i log on and get blasted with all this info
there ships flying around takeing there worldy goods out
that day everyone else makes there mind up that Providence is the place to be
what a day loads of PvP all over the place
i had fun right up intill i went to bed.

im sitting in 2V holding the fort from any pirates and we did a good job of that :)
joined up with a larger fleet as well and kicked some ass

so i log in today
and nice to see that CVA problems have been fixed by CCP
i dont think it would of been fair to let one of the oldist alliances in eve fall because of a hacker

long live CVA

well seem as my update is a bit early today i may as well tell you what im doing today
iv just had a my new Hyperion and im off it jita to fit it then im off to Providence to use it in what is probley going to be some more fighting over today as everyone still wants to be in Providence it seems i dont mind they can all come i will be waiting

have a pic as well to keep you reading

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Some more Fanfest pics

i only just got my pics off my phone

there not many but i thort you would like them

i will comment on them :D

i know you cant see it very well but in the background there is a big TV with a live feed of jita station and this dudes with his laptop and wifi is sitting in the way of the screen :P all you can see is his ship

they where some very dressed up people there :P these are actors i believe who where hired to look extremely cool

yer that back drop for the stage is amazing it MOVES around the SHIPS!!!!

look at all the people !

me being lazy and taking a seat

i did not take many photos
next year i will bring a camera with me

Monday, 26 October 2009

Back in here and in Provi again

iv been neglecting this blog

yes I have
is coz I’m a busy boy with a life?
Or am I just lazy

*voice in head* "LAZY!"

ok on to real things
one big update to make up for the lack of small ones
iv made them up in to the little titles I would of had if I was updating like I should


ok so I went to fanfest and iv come back its been about 3 weeks now :P and iv not told you about it
it was FANTASIC I will be going next year for sure I can’t believe how much fun such a geeky event can be
to start with all the jokes where eve related (my fav is the trip is taking so long I may as well pod myself home). everyone was pretty much talking eve talk tough the whole thing
it was my dream come true
from the moment you walk in the door and see the live feed for jita (lol so funny fights and ships 24/7) I felt at home as a demi-god of eve
you can hear my voice and see me on some of the YouTube videos out there (I leave you to guess that one)
I went to PvP talks, PvE talks, talks about the market, seen lots of new stuff talked to loads of eve fans
seen the most fantastic prestaions iv ever witnessed
... the back ground for the stage w as amazing and they guys at CCP know how to give a show
took part in the PvP torment
... PvP torment aaa yes I well ummm forgot my ammo :( and my other two team mates had no time to fit so we were kind of bummed out by that

Cap op
I can’t say much (as I would be skinned alive by our Cap ship FC) but I went on my 1st cap op in my carrier
it was fun (I know a lot of people think there not) but I enjoyed seeing all that power and jumping from system to system is cool
killed a Dark Blood Control Tower I am very happy about that
also almost got to hot drop a carrier group (but they were quick and jumped out before we could catch them

WH space

So we went in to another Unknown space system (a class 2 this time) with lots of plexs to run and one static link to low sec and another to class 3 WH.
I had planned to use the Class 3 link and do raids in to other systems (not PvP just run the plexs) but we never got around to it as we got a bit fed up after we had finished off the Class 2.
Note to everyone always check you directional scanner. I got lazy (so did my corp mates) and we did not notice the onyx, two nightmares (YES I know nightmares should not go unnoticed), Rapier and a Falcon. Who then came in to our complex we were running and killed Jorrel Baas in his Dominix (and got hits pod), which really sucks because I hate losing members and mainly as I was being lazy could of be avoided completely. Ooo well lesson learned.
lots of people do poke their heads in to WH space I never check there scanners I had a harbinger and a Bestower gas mining while I scanned them down checked them out and go in to bombing range on them with my nemesis (I really love that ship), I did not bomb them (I’m not a pirate) I private one of them then asked them to leave or die (I would of in fact let them finish gas mining if they asked). They closed chat and turned and left faster than I’ve ever seen a Bestower ever go

General musing about WH space
spamming the combat sites in a class 2 gets very boring and WH Large pos takes too much fuel for it to be worth the time for a class 2 WH
lots of people like to poke their heads in to class 2’s as well I think a class 3+ is much safer

Sitting outside stations bombing them is fun

a yes the more evil side to my latest WH trip
I found a link to null sec (red space to me Surprise!) with a station in system, I sat 32km off the station in my nemesis (which I love even more now) and bombs targets I think I could kill
I had a Helios undock I failed to kill (the bomb hit him but did not get the damage it needed)
then came a Bestower which the bomb did kill
I went back for more bombs come back in to system there was a banger mark II which held its docking timer (so took no damage)
after that the system started to light up and I thought it was time to get out

getting out of WH space

The class two is done time to get out
I haul the ships out Delta sorts out the POS
this is the last time we going to do a WH for some time there are other things we as a corp need to be getting on with and I am fed up of WH for the time being all the work of setting up a pos and scanning the system wears you down a bit (esspily if it comes solely down to you to do it)
this WH has not yield fantastic profit only shy of a billion

my friend rejoins VVA

My friend Cneagle has rejoined VVA (I know CN from real life and we are good friends) it’s just a shame he did not rejoin my corp (I duno really why he did not)

Back to provi
so now that all the WH stuff is sorted I head back to my real home of providence
I’m also back to doing a little ratting on the side to fund my ships and going to give the life of PvP a much harder try

Orders from a old friend
a hype and 20 Tristan (plus fits) for less than 84 mil my friend is crazy
I’m going to pay him 90 mil coz I can’t stand it feels like I’m stealing off him

Kills of late
I been flying around in my Ishtar (which I have finally sorted the fit for) and iv had a nice spree of kills
we had a Gallente Navy Comet and pod which got trapped by gate sling bubbles
Impairor I know it’s not worth anything but we got his pod as well (I larth about the noob ship)
2 ishtars and pod (ooo juicy) even 1 Ishtar I failed to do any damage to so no killmail for me for that one, but it was because I focused on the other :P like I should do
I have to put my hat off to my friends in provi of late they are getting good a PvP
1 fleet I ran which was made up of rag tag ships wonderful pilots they all knew exactly what we needed and we killed loads (I was honderd to command them around)
on that note I really love to FC small gangs (max of 20 people) it’s fun without having to go all all supper bossy FC mode (which I can do but don’t like to do)

FACTS and lack of members
I’m sure I’ve talked my corp. before but I think I will outline it again:
FACTS is older than eve we used to pay X games from egosoft way back in the day. FACTS was a clan so to speak (as none of the games are online we never played togever) with the sole aim of helping new players pick up and play X, like eve its very complex, FACTS stands for Free Advice Conquering The System and that’s what we do. As the X games started to lose our attention we as a group of friends started to break up and play other games, I started playing Eve and I was hocked. A few months past and DeltaW7 (known as Delta wolf on FACTS I was known as ZAMA) and we both joined a group called the triangle. Year later some more of our FACTS friends start playing and BAM we have our own "FACTS on EVE" corp (and for the 1st time ever we all start playing the same game online). the rest is as they say history, but after some time we as a corp. start breaking up (people want to do their own things in eve and everyone always moves on) as we have always been facts members we never looking in to getting new members so we are kind of low on numbers at the min and looking to go back to our roots and teach people how to play (on that note older members are welcome too :P).
Just hope we can keep going :)

VVA training op
last thing to note smally is VVA had a PvP training op which went very well
i was part of a red team they had to kill

So I will leave you with some last pics

And I hope to be updating very soon and very often

Intel then fly safe


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

fanfest for me

im of tomoro

so i will update about it when im back on monday

its going to be so FUN! i cant wait :D

fly safe

Monday, 28 September 2009


im free from WH space
no more WH to hold me back

time to collect all the stuff and work how much we earn :D
but 1st im going to dock up and enjoy a beer
update soon with that

Friday, 25 September 2009

high sec high sec high sec

i need a high sec exit :)
takes time for one of appaire but waiting for someone else to open a WH in to our system is just killing me

we are done we have finished the WH and want to move out now but we have no safe exit

the static WH (every WH system has at least one static WH that is allways there and when it colapises it openes a new one the very second) leads only to null sec and while there is null sec we can safely exit in we dont have much choice where the WH will lead too (there is a lot of null sec out there and even more people who would like to kill us)

i took some more pics for you to look at:

delta getting RR while being attacked

our lateist exit in to AAA space (8 jumps away from where we could be safe)
no use to us i bubbled it to scare away any fleets who want to attack us (just hope they not detemind)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

so about that update i was talking about

ok so will be the 1st one to admit it never happened

so i will recap and tell you what happened with mine and dirks WH trip

we entered the WH and come back out a week later LOL

no really what happened is that we setup the POS and everything then i got my ships in and the WH closed before dirk could do the same
it really sucks for him and we tryed ever so hard to get a new link but timing of the WH's and the amount of time he was on played against us
so i ran the WH solo and in the process learned a hell of lot about them
a bullet list of things that happened
# I lost my domi while trying to close a WH (don't use BS to close WH without major backup)
# some people came in and ran almost the whole WH while i was offline
# i had Cneagle come in and teach me lots about WH's and how the systems work
# i fight the sleepers a lot and learn a lot about how the work and how to kill them (drone not such a good idea all the time)
# i had to fly a orca tough a few low sec system (i cant believe i managed it)
# i lost my vitor to a hype off station trying to get some equipment out of low sec when we got back out

so after a week we just packed up and left (had to fly all over to get the stuff we looted)
in total earned 380mil (rounded)
with the losses there is no profit but we only managed to run probley 1/3 of the WH as the rest of it was run before i had time

so i pretty much left the same as i had entered the WH
apart from i owe a 215mil debit to 2 people who i will have to repay soon

here some pics of the time i spent in a class 2

i can honestly say i really enjoyed it WH space has a whole new feeling i never get in high sec and only sometimes in 0.0

our corp FACTS wants to do more as a corp
so i say we go in to WH space (as dirk is away for a while he has loaned me the POS)
i fueled it up and stuff got some new mods and off we go to find a WH to a class 2 (me and delta scanning around)
after ages of trying to find a WH (all where closing or had people in them) we found a empty class 3 with alright sites and a good small system
so being fed up of trying to find empty WH's we just take the risk and setup inside there
with the newly fitted with lots of guns
i have also setup mobile warp disruptor's around the POS to stop anyone from getting any smart ideas about scouting out the POS or attacking it

so its piratically imposable to solo the combat sites in my Dominix inside a class 3 (i can but i need to warp in and out a lot and frigs scram me so its too risky)
so along with me i have jorrel and delta (delta is in a drake and jorrel is in another Dominix)
the two Dominix's can RR and that works very well against them
we have also run a magnetometric site (which delta did the scanning) and i been gas harvesting
so far i think we have blown away the 380mil of the last WH we did but only time will tell

the only problem iv had so far is that lots of people have been coming in and out of this system (had lots of scanning going on and roaming gangs come in yesterday)
but just as i say this so far today there has no no sign of anyone with only 1 WH link active in system which the other side has not been opened

hope to keep you updated from now on enjoy the pics from my current system

of just a 1 more thing
this pic is how i arrange my probes around a sig i want to scan down
it helps a lot

till next time
fly safe

how a WH pos can make you money

The WH pos killed a Cov ops ship
funny stuff he sat there uncloaked and BAM...

so i checked the wreak and a sisters expanded probe launcher happens to sit in the wreak

that a 50mil mod
one of my corp mates surely will find a good use for that :) and the POS has payed foritself
also salvaged some tech 2 stuff and probes lots of them 100+

(im not going to take the laucher as i allready own one with sisters probes)

more updates soon
fly safe (and away for POS guns)

Sunday, 20 September 2009


ok i know i was serpost to blog while in WH space
but things have been overwhelming me

I'm now in a New WH system a class 3
i will blog about it soon honest

logging off for the time being

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

money, money, money its so funny

my ISK is now at 64 mil

much better than 4mil i guess :P

im ice mineing on my own while i wait for dirk to come back from wherever he has gone :)
no rush but i am very exited about this trip in to WH

my ships are all ready in the system of gaha (our main HQ for facts)

3 things i hope for in WH space
1. something new
2. earn over 500mil in a week
3. to kill some poor sod that wont leave when we tell them

yes i will be runing a NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) while in WH space
me and dirk agreed its the only way to stay safe there
but we will be resoable and let anyone leave alive but you will only get one warning
cant wait to use my SB for that

my alt has trained to use Industrial Ships so he can hual all my ice out while i mine away
its quite noval as i always used to jet can mine (lots can fillper problems i had in the past)
but now i just have my alt fly along steal my ice and fly back while i carry on with another cycle.

not much fun but hay thats mineing for you
i hope dirk likes the nice pile of ice iv gotten for him (trying to repay as much as i can)

only other thing to not is that my corp did some level 4 missions for a amarr corp wich means now amarr have moved a little way off shooting me on sight (they shoot at -5 i was -4)
which is helpful as i dont want to be blown up in the space i spend most of my time in

no pics today
expect some for WH space :D on my next post

fly safe

Friday, 14 August 2009

from hero to zero in a matter of seconds

ok well its not that bad
you all know about my domi loss
well iv been rebuying my implants and well i have 4 milions isk left :) (only got 1 impant left to buy)

lol no problem really just a bit annoying not to have saved up money left to use

anyway i will make it back
i always do R&D stuff is going good im getting my standing up bit by bit

iv also now talked to my corp mate and freind dirk (runs the Zero Gravity blog)
and i am now makeing plans to go live in WH space
its going to happen in about 4 days time then we will be rolling out to find a nice class 2 all to ourselfs (which will take some serching but wont be to hard)

for the moment im getting all the ships i will need
battleship, cov ops, hauler, steath bomber (ok i dont need but i want it), etc...
and training the skills i need for it.
its going to be a blast i can feel it.

at any rate i hope any of you lot dont have the same bad luck i have had this week
but mind you its seems to be turning around towards becomeing possibley earning lots of money i hope all this works out (or im even more broke than before lol)

no pics today as iv not had anything new to screenshot

fly safe

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


its another one of them "arg" days
iv lost my domi
again! (why you think they call me i go boom)
take a look here i lost it in AY-YCU
no intell on them.
aaa well i cant expect to be 100% safe all the time
they also got my pod with the +5 implants

so im back in high sec for a little bit to get some money back and to start a new line of life for zama

im going to start runing R&D(Research and Development) agents
i have one lined up right now for CreoDron its a level 3 and im going to start with electronic engineering

it has to power to earn me money while im not online (which i like the idea)
right now im spaming missons to get better agent
also a plus of this i get better standing with Gallente Federation which is my race and i get LP to spend on cool stuff i can use (which i love)

anyway i will keep you updated on this
im also thinking about wormholes a lot
i want to go in there and live in that space but i also want to sort some stuff 1st
so more updates on this as it happens

here some pics to leave you with

Thursday, 6 August 2009

more deepspace death

SB fleets
:( such a shame

as has been my ushal practice as late i have been finding Wormholes to other parts of 0.0 and taking Stealth Bombers to find some ratters to kill (same as with an eye for an eye)

so i found a new WH leading to Detorid which is wicked (Atlas space)
it lead from TU-RI6 to QRFJ-Q a lovely dead end system

this time round i got two gangs to go in both i FCed
the 1st gang made up of me and some close Friends and we went in to the area and spooked a ratter (he got away).
right away a gang came up and started messing up our day.
they scanned the WH and we made are minds up that instead of sticking around with our 4 man fleet we would head back to provi and get some more people while these red guys cool off
so later that same day we came back with a 7 man fleet.
this time instead of flying around close to the WH system we went deep in to the region really fast (flew quickly gate to gate) we had reds follow us all the way pritty much and no one was being stupid (so no easy kills).
hats off to these guys in that space they where good at responding to us. they could not catch us
that was in till well i came accross a Harbinger sitting off a gate...
after a insta lock on me and smatbomb death for some others we lost 3 ships and 2 pods (one was not mine :D)
i got away in my pod so we all regrouped and made our mind that its not going to work in this area as they are to aware of us
and somehow i duno how i got my pod out alive!! as so did everyone Else's ships (even tough some where hit and only barley alive

fun day never the less


I'm going
yes i am going to eve fanfest 09
i am going to running in PvP as well
its going to be a Blast i really cant wait
the ticket and fight are all booked

solo plexs

the insta scan solo plexs in fact can give a good income
its much better than ratting at any rate if you can find one

a map of where iv been so far in the game

i find it funny how WH have effected where i turn up some days

nice pic in WH space

reds Vs blues

a plex i was doing solo

the tech 3

Thursday, 30 July 2009

some pics and a vid

here some images that are long over due

these are from the test server
wonderful fun here

Cneagle totaled me me in that drake

the cap ships dead in the background and the start of the iddy fight lol

also CCP have just posted this video and i think it is wonderful
best sum up of eve i have ever seen (ok so its not my vid by hay)

i think i may have to download fraps and make some videos of my own sometime :P could be fun

intill next time
fly safe (because i sure the hell dont)

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

eye for a eye

take one SB gang and one wormhole to AAA space
you get this

i found the wormhole in ZT-LPU and there we go to the impass region

thank you so much for comeing cootsy(humongo) and jae( donabar baas) i had a blast
will be finding one of these angen and get back at reds for there kills of our ships :)

next time i will take some screenshots :D lol im really bad at this

Monday, 27 July 2009

systems check

lights check
buttons check
core CPU unit check
Drone bay check
Fighters check
repair systems check
Power core check
Ward drive check
Jump drive check

systems online
Fighters pilots on standby
Warp drive ative !

yes i have my cap ship
the beast the Thanatos is ready
i spent forever loading it full of drones and fual and mods
its allready i really feel like im flying a mobile base
it can even refit itself in sapce lol

i will get you pics lol i keep bloging on my laptop and then keep forgeting to update

also in the events for zama118 and now zarca zama my new alt :) that i am very happy with he is currently skill trianing ooo god i wish i had the 100% bonues when i started

well yesterday i got stuck in HED-GP in my Stealth Bomber very stupid thing to do
i went there coz someone said it was praticaly blue (not geting the hint that praticaly ment less red than normal)
true to form there was a gate camp (only 30 odd local very low numbers for that system)
but still i had to get out sharpish and i was stuck for a while while i tryed to find a way back to the gate without geting draged in to the bubble.
a freind matrix came in to save me but he died at the gate (i feel guilty for that)
then i managed to find a way around the bubble made one safe spot off the gate before i left (just to be on the safe side) and out i go in once peace

apart from all that its same old
allince has seen some changes and more to come i will probley talk about them when they are all done and dusted
and katy ling a new player to eve got a solo kill tristan Vs riffter very amused to see he won (the fact that the riffter only just got out of a gate campe with hull damage probley effected his changes)

till next time
fly safe (coz i sure the hell dont)

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

busy busy busy

thats most of whats going on at the moment

fun things:
im getting my thanatos in 3 days :D
i was in the test sever where i had meany fights with CNealge we where testing a number of ships, in the end we drew with me:
loseing to him in a battlecruiser fight, a cruiser fight and a friage fight.
i won in 2 heavy assault ships fights and a assault ship
we drew on a battleship fight and a industrial ship fight
the battleship fight only dew coz i could not target his scorpion and he could not brake my tank i was flying my fav hyperion
every time i did manage to target him half his tank would go :P
the industrail ships well we just could not do any damage to each other and where finding out how fun finding out how boreing industrail ship fights are

i also came out with some cap ships and well by the end of our time there the place looked like a graveyard for a major battle

i got some pics which i hope to post later

the more stess fulthings:
major changes in allince
lots going on in my life with work :D

till next time
have fun
and fly safe

Monday, 6 July 2009

i love Stealth Bombers

the Nemesis my Stealth Bomber i love it to bits

the feeling of flying around with something a smashable as a glass car hiting a lorry is fantastic
no matter its so easy to blow up its fast (wich is always good) and its Stealth cloaky cloaky
fly around the gate no one can see me
fly around a blet no one can see me
not even my own corp mates can see me
you can only see me when i and my 5 other buddys decloak around you and ECM, torp and bomb your ass intill its gone
when help comes around we allready back in to the shadows :D :D :D

so i was flying around provi with this ship and 4 other of my corp mates and a freind of one of them in a cov ops scouting
we did not get any kills nore did we do anything much but fly around some systems
but it was a success of an op as we got used to flying our new ships, talked a lot, made plans for next week, had fun, etc...
well all i can say is the Stealth Bomber is very cool i cant wait to get in to the Force Recon Ship the Arazu but i will wait till larger fleets for that (can ECM and lock down while the bomber do the DPS)

iv also gotten in on two kills in the 2V gang which was fun (i got them in my bubble :D :D)

apart from that its normal eve play at the moment
im still getting my cap ship skills up and building the beast
and earning money (spent a lot on ships :P)

no pics today as im on a laptop without my screens on it
but i will update later in the week with some lovey examples from my travils and some more news on what iv been up too

till then

Friday, 26 June 2009

scaning is boreing

when you dont find anything
when you do find things it can be very fun
but if you keep finding wormholes it gets very well old very fast

iv been flying around in my fleet still with the 2V a lot everyday
im starting to pine for a red to come in to 2V just so i can kill them
which they have now and then but iv managed to be in the wrong place everytime and not get on the kill
aaa well next time i will be sent to the action istead of gaurd duty :P

apart from that the Cap ship is comeing along got all the BPC's now
and my new ship fittings for the ishtar, phobos and Dominix are working wonders which is good

thats it really all is good

some quick tips on scaning
probing is very complex system as it IS based off real life probing biggrin.gif

iv seen loads of guilds and people tell me stuff that is soooo wrong
learn the basics and then build up on that my tips are:

space is 3D if you scan on a 2D plane then only the 3 closeit probes will give you good reading
but if you scan in all your probes will give you a boost (its hard to arage but can be done)

spend some time setting up the probes before you start hunting (you can use the SHIFT key to move them all around at once and also change all there scan ranges at once saves a lot of time)

if your scaning for cosmic then dont shove to meny probes out it wont help

if your scaning for a ship thats moveing as meny probes as you can and make sure to spread them out (maby leave one in a know safespot)

and a pic to leave you thinking

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

i lost a Domi


very annoyed at myself for yesterday
loseing ships used to be a way of life for me but iv not lost one to pirate gangs like that for some time
it is without a dout the most stupid thing in eve iv done for a while (outside of eve i can make you a list)
so i lost a Dominix
so here is how it happend
i login ready to do corp mineing and find out there is a red in my system (GA9P-0)
it was zyxeli in a Vagabond now on its own a Vagabond so i join a new intel iv become part of for the 2V -CSS pokect, togever with the corps that live in 2V we get fleets up and kill pirates who enter our space so far its doing fantasicly well and we given pirates a hard time :D, so i join a fleet who is hunting him, at this time im heading to the H9-J8N gate where serprise Vagabond lands and moves to lock me down (without setting agrro) i sit and think and get orders to move to 2V where i can lead him in to a trap (sure that sounds like a plan) i jump he follows.
on the other side... an ishtar under the flag of Kausal. i think to myself aaa crap im not going to be able to warp am i
so i do the motions of telling the fleet who are waiting in 2V -CSS to come save my ass and acting as if im trying to get away.
they warp scram me down and the ishtar deploys Bouncer II's which hurt a lot while the Vagabond deploys its drones and starts to fire on me. i deploy my heavy ECM drones which stop the Vaga and then move on to the ishtar. the drones do way to much damage and my sheilds melt and my armor tank wont hold for long. i tell the guys to hurry up. then they tell me where am i... we can see you... im like crap! i did not tell them i was at the GA9P gate not the 2V gate and thus the time wasted for them to get to makes me die in a ball if fire just as the 1st fleet ship lands and the two pirates run away. i get away in my pod. :D
now in the whole fight i had smartbombs where i could of killed all the drones there with (the vagas 1st then moved on to the Bouncer II's coz they had no web on me).
so i sould of done that right off the bat but i wanted to keep them there so much, coz i knew my freinds would come and save my ass, but because i gave bad intel they where seconds too late :)

aaaa well i lost a domi big deal i live and learn
i will buy and outfit a new one and change the fitting so it is even better than before :) then wait for them to die this time

at any rate i love the rush PvP gives you even if im the one getting the pasteing :P

Saturday, 20 June 2009

an eventfull week

again real life is getting in the way of my eve time
which is normal i think :D

but even though that its still been an eventfull week as some major things have happend to me

my cap ship training is getting there i now have capital ships at level 3 so thats now just 4 days till i can fly my Thanatos which i think is so cool
then starts the training to be able to use it in a fight (and jump it to somewhere useful) so thats like another 100 days still (arg)
the skill books cost a lot as well it really hurts the bank account

iv also managed to get hold of all the BPC's (Blue Print Copy) for it a freindly corp thats in my alliance is going to give me the Capital Ship Components and iv just been down to jita (ARG) to pick up a Thanatos BPC (50 mil, ME 2)i was very happy
iv got a lot of mins iv allready donated to the corp to help build the beast so now i just got to wait

i also wintnessed a Cap ship gang getting owned at a gate
at the time i was in my Viator so i could do nuffing to help (or i would of)
so i sat there and watched 4 cap ships 1 dread and 3 carriers get torn apart bit by bit
after they died a blue fleet came in and sceard all the reds away (good timeing lol)
by the looks of things the cap ships warped in thinking they could take the red gang only to be overwellmed by a force that is more powerful and very well orgazised
i took some screens as well

all in all i say thats eventful
inside my alliance as been eventful as well with my best freind leaveing VVA for a another more PvP foucasd alliance (we will see how that works out)

just leaves the fact that eve is never a dull place

From South to North Then back South again

Read about addicted Eve player and his Renewed ramblings in the South of eve, PvPing mostly but never one to stay away from a challenge, I'm sure you will find something i blog about that makes you smile.

please feel free to comment back
and i hope you enjoy reading my ramblings in space

my spelling and grammar is very poor, so i apologize and if there is anything you cant read say and i will try to correct it

fly safe
zama 118

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