Wednesday, 19 August 2009

money, money, money its so funny

my ISK is now at 64 mil

much better than 4mil i guess :P

im ice mineing on my own while i wait for dirk to come back from wherever he has gone :)
no rush but i am very exited about this trip in to WH

my ships are all ready in the system of gaha (our main HQ for facts)

3 things i hope for in WH space
1. something new
2. earn over 500mil in a week
3. to kill some poor sod that wont leave when we tell them

yes i will be runing a NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) while in WH space
me and dirk agreed its the only way to stay safe there
but we will be resoable and let anyone leave alive but you will only get one warning
cant wait to use my SB for that

my alt has trained to use Industrial Ships so he can hual all my ice out while i mine away
its quite noval as i always used to jet can mine (lots can fillper problems i had in the past)
but now i just have my alt fly along steal my ice and fly back while i carry on with another cycle.

not much fun but hay thats mineing for you
i hope dirk likes the nice pile of ice iv gotten for him (trying to repay as much as i can)

only other thing to not is that my corp did some level 4 missions for a amarr corp wich means now amarr have moved a little way off shooting me on sight (they shoot at -5 i was -4)
which is helpful as i dont want to be blown up in the space i spend most of my time in

no pics today
expect some for WH space :D on my next post

fly safe

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