Thursday, 29 October 2009

Well yesterday was fun

CVA dispaned because someone hacked an Directors account

so i log on and get blasted with all this info
there ships flying around takeing there worldy goods out
that day everyone else makes there mind up that Providence is the place to be
what a day loads of PvP all over the place
i had fun right up intill i went to bed.

im sitting in 2V holding the fort from any pirates and we did a good job of that :)
joined up with a larger fleet as well and kicked some ass

so i log in today
and nice to see that CVA problems have been fixed by CCP
i dont think it would of been fair to let one of the oldist alliances in eve fall because of a hacker

long live CVA

well seem as my update is a bit early today i may as well tell you what im doing today
iv just had a my new Hyperion and im off it jita to fit it then im off to Providence to use it in what is probley going to be some more fighting over today as everyone still wants to be in Providence it seems i dont mind they can all come i will be waiting

have a pic as well to keep you reading

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