Monday, 27 April 2009


been setting up POS in 0.0
it involed hauling fuel though low sec (risky bisness)
but take one tranpost ship with a covert ops cloke and any low sec gate camps are easy to pass they did not even see me

on the other hand took a lot of runs to fill a large POS with fuel only to last it for 28 days

but now FACTS on eve has a base to work out of in 0.0 its allready provein useful as a ratting outpost

still in the process of putting mods online and getting stuff working but so far everything is looking good

zama out

Saturday, 18 April 2009


iv got to share out the round about 300 mil iv gotten from my contracted fation stuff (inc a ship called the Phantasm)
well i serpose i have to share it out seeming as my corp mates cootsy and cnealge helped me get it in the 1st place
im heading for the 2nd goal in eve at the moment 1 bil isk
a lot of people have reached this goal a long time ago (and iv been playing for 2 years)
but i have never gotten there probley coz instead of saveing i spend on new stuff all the them (new ships new tech 2 mods even the odd fation thing here and there)
i now my assets must be well in to the 2 bil mark but it still does not give you that nice feeling of that how much money iv got to spend right now
with me finaly seeing the eve gate its about time i reach that land mark as well
the 2nd thing about the 1 bil mark once i reach it i will treat it like ground zero
if i go below 1 bil i will have to put it back above before i can buy anything else and i am going to keep building on that target (maby even get 2 bil)
my current thing i want to buy is a Phobos (which is a Gallente Heavy Interdictor) this is so i can catch them dastidly pirates at gates or else where in the providence region
anyway thats a end to my ramable for today
hope you enjoy that hard to read string of nonsence

fly safe

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

behold the eve gate

its a lovey thing to see isint it
shame i had to go tough a sea of pirates sevral low sec system and 30 jumps to get there
it was worth it now on my eve map i have a little string of dots that show me that i had been to that part of the world (which is late after playing for 2 years allready)

anyway i hope you enjoy

in other news im still trying to get more people to bid on my contracts
and i was flying in a fleet about 2 days ago with everyone saying that they where going to die to a 1000+ man fleet
but all that ended up happening was killing one domi
but all in all i quite happy i did not lose my hype (the iron duke) to a large blob

Sunday, 12 April 2009

selling things and the eve gate

well to start with im going to tell you about my selling thing over contracts and i will open my blog with a trip to the eve gate (take some screen shots to show you ppl)

well as this is my not yet my 1st prober post and that im in a rush to get out the house i will make this short

i ran a complex with two corp mates (coosty and Cnealge (who i know in real life))
we got some faction stuff that im selling on contract
this iv been moveing around makeing people aware of the deals :P as you do
its going well i hope to make a lot of money that i can split with my freinds

to open this blog im going to make a trip to see the eve gate (or at least the system)
more to come :D

Saturday, 11 April 2009

uno 1

my 1st real blog
this is going to be about goings on's in eve online and my own life

so im setting everything up at the moment hope to have things moveing by monday
:D this going to be fun

From South to North Then back South again

Read about addicted Eve player and his Renewed ramblings in the South of eve, PvPing mostly but never one to stay away from a challenge, I'm sure you will find something i blog about that makes you smile.

please feel free to comment back
and i hope you enjoy reading my ramblings in space

my spelling and grammar is very poor, so i apologize and if there is anything you cant read say and i will try to correct it

fly safe
zama 118

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