Monday, 19 March 2012

Voteing for CSM and scaning in a arazu

short update today, been besy with uni work

i feel as a bloger and as someone who belives in the CSM i must say something about voteing this year.

1st: Vote go out and vote before its to late
go here and take a look

pick someone who matchs your veiws and vote for them
i am not going to tell you who to vote for, or who i have voted for (needless to say i have voted). as i belive that it is a personal choice and i sould not try to convice you to vote for anyone unless it is myself

i was doing a bit of home defence yesterday. fly my ishtar around and... , lets just say did not end so well... dont try to solo two canes not smart idea in a Ishtar. so i get my arazu and start scaning for them (they are now hideing) find out i can scan them down very fast if i get people telling me what they are close too. shame i never got to kill them (they align out and warp soon as i get there). needless too say im going to fly it around again and try a bit more scaning

till next time
fly sideways

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