Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Back to the good old days of PvP and Building

I’m building tech 2 rigs :O and now I’m trying to get rid of them
I got hold a "Large Trimark Armour Pump II" BPC with two runs and why not make a bit of profit of it
Had to get some new skills which cost me 20mil plus another 250 mil for the parts to build and some general setup costs that round to 10mil.
Take to account I have to split the profit with 2 friends, I will only make 30 mil extra if they sell for their normal price (so for the work I put in its not fantastic but at least I get skills)
So if anyone wants some "Large Trimark Armour Pump II" I have two of them and I’m willing to part with them for 310mil (that’s below jita price :D )

My alt has his new hurricane, he has moved down to 0.0 in it to help me pvp and rat, which is nice coz he can tank battleships in belts. He is now my Rating scout he heads away I warp to him when he finds something of value otherwise my domi will kill the bad spawns so far it works very well.

My alt also got his first 2 kills which makes me so happy that he has gotten to that stage where he can fleet up and do some damage
Killed a Taranis trying to burn back to the gate (I have already said how funny I find these ones)
Talked with one hound bomber for ages as he got away while we killed the taranis and he had no way out (the other gate was bubbled)
His name was delarado and it was must amusing to talk to him in local
In fact it was so funny I’m going to post the convo
Delarado > damn you guys got it locked down eh
Gawiv Gallentar > hehe
Delarado > can i ask you guys a question?
Miglater > ?
Koontx > yes
Gawiv Gallentar > sure
Delarado > have you really been trying to kill us two for this long?
Zama Zarca > we are despate :P
Delarado > lol
Delarado > all for a hound and a ranis :P
Gawiv Gallentar > :)
Delarado > i just wanna leave! lol
Delarado > my sec is fixed now, 1.98 see
Delarado > i can go to 1.0 its home time
Zama Zarca > lol
Zama Zarca > you can leave
Zama Zarca > the fast way
Delarado > haha
Delarado > i have thought about it
Delarado > but
Delarado > id rather try and outsmart you guys
Delarado > but i dont suppose that onyx will ever run out of cap to run its bubble lol
Zama Zarca > lol no i dont thin so
Delarado > question is, who is more patient?
Tha Judge > only if my computer crashes
Delarado > LOL now you have two bubbles? overkill!
Shoshana Davill > o/
Delarado > thats a nice fleet u got though
Delarado > meet another gang youll do well
Shoshana Davill > yeah impressive blob
Delarado > its only a blob when you have more than me :)
Delarado > lol shoshana, DEF a blob when your in an amarr shuttle like u
Zama Zarca > yer we pride ourself in a quick resonce
Zama Zarca > that poor vaga
CRAZYMEATBALL > he died brave since he couldnt do anything :)
Delarado > harry you might wanna get on the gate or outside the bubble, one of the two
Zama Zarca > what about me
Zama Zarca > dont you care about me
Delarado > your fine, you can warp off if u get hotdropped
CRAZYMEATBALL > you can die
StarTrekReference > habba habba
CRAZYMEATBALL > your ships made of duck tape
Zama Zarca > yer
Delarado > my ships made of spit and paper mate
Zama Zarca > more duck tape than ship
CRAZYMEATBALL > oh and some used solar panels sorry
Delarado > lol
Delarado > they are piwate sails not solar panels
Zama Zarca > lol mine has tiny ones :(
Delarado > hurricane nice ship
CRAZYMEATBALL > yes cause in space theres tons of wind :)
Zama Zarca > lol
Delarado > hehe
Zama Zarca > shame zarca has such crap skills
Delarado > are those guys moving around to try and decloak me?
CRAZYMEATBALL > why are you even cloaked we are a blob here
CRAZYMEATBALL > theres nothing to hide
Zama Zarca > well it be stupid if they did not
Delarado > id be stupid if i was in the bubble :)
Zama Zarca > where is my titan and DD when i need to decloak someone on grid
Delarado > lool
Zama Zarca > iv seen some try to run the bubble
Delarado > i thought about slowboating it
Delarado > as you were all in the wrong place when i landed, but you had too much, not worth the risk
Zama Zarca > i have done it before in my main
Delarado > id rather sit here and try and make friends and hope you let me out from good will lol
Zama Zarca > it was trying to go down tubes
Delarado > was gonna say your talking titans and a 2009 player? haha
Zama Zarca > lol
StarTrekReference > i have no friends...
Zama Zarca > alt...
Gawiv Gallentar > aaaaw:)
Delarado > i have two alts
Zama Zarca > did we kill one?
Vodaclone007 > steveid > be warned. Were here to work of the sec we lost fighting amarr militita enemies and killing their carriers.
Delarado > haha
Delarado > well you guys have amarr militia set blue right?
Zama Zarca > yes
Delarado > and we are amarr miltiia
Zama Zarca > yes
Delarado > so your killing blues, kinda
Delarado > but our corp is red to you right?
Zama Zarca > but you killed blues
Delarado > ?
Zama Zarca > so you are red
Delarado > when?
Zama Zarca > lol i duno
Zama Zarca > i was just told to shoot
Ma Tun > o7 lads
Delarado > dude, we've never been here before
Ma Tun > i dont reccomend coming back :)
Gawiv Gallentar > maybe some of ur corpies dunno but noone gets red without sense....u need killmail for that
Delarado > lol says the man in a tristan
Delarado > yeah, i cant imagine why tbh
Zama Zarca > ok so i know why your KOS but im not telling you why
Zama Zarca > :P
Delarado > lol
Delarado > no you dont
Zama Zarca > ooo yes i do
Delarado > oooo no  you dont!
Delarado > *he's behind you!*
Zama Zarca > he is behind you!
Delarado > LOL
Zama Zarca > dam beat me to it
Delarado > you guys would be funny if you werent trying to kill me
Zama Zarca > lol i think that is funny (ofc thats my point of veiw)
Delarado > it made me laugh
Delarado > so, why are we KOS?
Delarado > i cant think why, we only ever lived in delve and then venal and now we dont live in either
Zama Zarca > coz CVA has you KOS
Delarado > ah ok, tru dat
Delarado > again im not sure why that is
Delarado > as we've never bothered them either
StarTrekReference > start reading.?
Delarado > im reading a book on japan actually
Delarado > im going there in 3 weeks
Zama Zarca > iv been told to shut up by my boss :D so i better shut up
Delarado > aww why?
StarTrekReference > shhht..
Delarado > this reminds me of the golden days of yahoo chat
Delarado > when you could have fun with anyone without them trying to cyber u
Delarado > a/s/l?
Thua Thal > what are you wearing?
Delarado > question is more like what arent i wearing
Thua Thal > YAY
Thua Thal > Wana chat in my private room?
StarTrekReference > iew.........
Thua Thal > I dear not hehe
Delarado > am i hawt?
Zama Zarca > ok iv been told if i dont shut up i will become the target
Delarado > haha can i target paint you to jew on the KM
 Zama Zarca > sure
I love the funny stuff you can get in local
I also love having a good old chat to the person I’m trying to kill (makes it feel a lot more about houner and good games than just fighting because we don’t like the reds)

I’ve been fleeting up as well with some large fleets that keep reds from entering D-GTMI.
Been flying my new keres in the fleet and ooo my has it done well. I used it to save an interceptor from another Crusader which turned on me but i was too fast and kepted it locked down and out of range even when he tried to get away from me. All while a zealot is trying to pop me:
Heavy Beam Laser II belonging to ***** heavily hits you, inflicting 333.3 damage.
Next when i start moving along his axis
Heavy Beam Laser II belonging to ***** misses you completely.
A small change can make a huge difference to the damage you get (which is a useful thing to note down)
Very good fun that was (got my blood going at any rate)

So with all the kills both me and my alt got on (Zama is now 4 kills and zarca has 2) i have a total of 6 but as they not the same account :P it will never show :(

Anyway it’s more of an update today telling you what I’ve been up to (which is why the blog is a little bit of a mess today).

I will leave you with a pic enjoy the bubbles

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