Friday, 4 November 2011


so i dont a bit of probeing today... what that i hear you say "well yer everyone probes for sites" ha well im probeing for ships... :D

ok so i start today off with the aim to get in some good old PvP and small scale (before any more CTA's kick off). so in to my daredevil and off i go, one jump and hello a solo Jaguar sitting a little way off gate. i take a moment to think about it and go for it, burn to range and start webing... looks like he is up for it no blob and he is moveing in to attack as well. i orbit him turn the AB off for a moment and kick in my amour rep, my sheilds down amour going slowly just need to brake that jags sheild and he will go down... a little while latter my hull is gone and my cap runs out... dam that as a good start.
dam i was orbiting the jag at 5km not 2km (best to get real close with a daredevil) might of made the diffrance...
never mind go back get a keres and some help. while i am away someone else has the same idea and pulls it off... ha well at least i know you can do it shame the vaga came in and killed that daredevil (seems the jag was not up to play fair).

i get back in system looks like that vaga is on the run. i find him at a planet get point get gets away (haha not going to pop me with my damps). so the dude gets away before a cyna can really start eating away at him... and logs off in system... ha ha ha... lets go get the prober and give the old skills a burn. few mins later. :D all thanks to a bit of skill with the old probes.

but no my probeing day is not ending there. later on we trying to pin down an incursus guess what he trys to get away and logs off with agro. i go get my probes and few moment later its dead :D
not the most value kill but he was trying not to die and it feels good to have sucess

well thats my day for you

hope you enjoy

zama :D

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ping, where am i?

ok so what has been going on
ooo god Zama is about to start talking about CTA's again... yer well i done a few of them not as meany as i should basically i been very busy with uni work, but my corp been keeping up with my slack :D which is good

been developing fleet doctrinaire, working of effective fleets that can run in sync with each other for the corp and adding a little bit of FACTS style to them as well. so far got some cov ops fits, BC fits and HAC fits (nope im not going to post them here :P) and working on a few cheap cruiser fits as we speak.

also been loving the price of PI products at the moment i think its coz of the exception of the patch changes (customs office changes mainly, so people are upping the price) which is good for me as when the changes come around its not going to change how much i make (as i will just deploy my own custom offices) and i make more money running up to the changes.

talking the patch... i am liking it... its like my wishlist come true, new BC's (with large guns thats nuts) should be fun to give them ago and i like new model's, the hybrid gun changes (which now means most of the ships i fly are even more deadly), plus the balance issues with suppers and  new mods (tech 2 and that).

right time to move my cap again...

lets see if i can get that video guide on ships and PI up i been talking about so much... if i have time

till my next badly written blog
this is zama
fly sideways

Friday, 7 October 2011

A place in the south

so been a while again dear blog hope you have not missed me much i know i don't pay you as much attention as i should.

so what has happened since the last time i blogged lets see, a whole host of CTA in the NC, the NC falling apart, a lot of stress with the NC failing so badly, then a lot of stress trying to find a new home, then a lot of fun brakeing our old rules about no neut killing in low sec, the we moved south and joined ROL for a trail, had a tone of fun in deep 0.0, became a full member of ROL, gained our own sov system and today where we are enjoying our self's quite a bit.
well that's a nice sum up of what has happened to the corp since last blog, which i guess sums up what has happened to move lets look at it in a little more detail shall we :D.

a whole host of CTA in the NC
so where i left off last time was when the NC (MM and RAGE part at least) started useing drakes and canes in there fleets a lot more, which lead me on to train up both and rant on about how im flying something that is no my Gallente favs, well after that things started to get a bit crazy with CTA being called at least every day. for a corp with limited funds (and nerfed ratting system) thats not good, such a lot of burn out started and we started to look at the NC and there failing war with DRF (this was just at the start of the Geminate campaign) and made the choice it was time to start thinking about whys to get out of this, by no means where we going to abandon them but we where starting to get fed up of our place in OWN alliance which never lived up in any way to which we where after, so we needed to check out our options (which we found where quite short with the NC under this war).

the NC starting to falling apart
so the Geminate campaign just got worse and worse, i could see that unless the NC made a stand (which they never did) it would fall apart for that region (had no idea at the time that the whole NC would fall apart from that). we in FACTS where under a lot of stress, with members leaving coz of the no "fun factor" and us runing out of money. then Geminate falls and we have to evac to venal which at that point we made up our mind we are leaving OWN alliance and leaving NC if we cant see a good offer (lots of mails sent out and stuff checked out).

a lot of stress with the NC failing so badly
so the NC fails apart I'm sure you don't need me to recap the whole story, but basically the DRF won because they kept pushing so much everyone got fed up of fighting and left. so we are left totally homeless no one could see the value of our small corp in the north.we evac'ed stuff which was not all that hard but i hate to see the same thing happen again as we did in provi.

then a lot of fun brakeing our old rules about no neut killing in low sec
After that we dropped what was left of the NC and turned to PvP for fun: roams, ganks, camps... had a lot of fun with it as well. it allowed us to think a bit and gave us time to enjoy the game. we regrouped our losses, made plans and talked to people which was a good move.
now in the process we also changed our corp a little, before we where always had the rule that no shooting neut's in low sec (as we considered it pirating), well we had blown that rule up along with a lot of other peoples ships, i find it amazing how much PvP you can get in low sec if you just go looking in the right places. other changes came in the way we worked as a corp but they are less visible. we also actively tried to seek out a new 0.0 home (as we will always be a 0.0 corp never happy with anything else).

the we moved south and joined ROL
"rol" (red.overlord) a Russian lead alliance in the south of eve, allied with -a- and a bunch of other alliances in the south. this is where we made the choice to go, mainly due to the fact we already know a bunch of corps who are friendly with us there. FACTS now makes up part of the English speaking corps in the alliance and we our quite proud too. 

so that takes us up to the point we are now. 
we are currently fighting, whoever gets in our way, and its most enjoyable to be in an alliance which can keep us busy.

its been a while since i was able to get this blog out (my own time being a bit limited on the personal front) so we have been in ROL for a little while.

all i can say is i will cut the history lesson off here and expect to see short blogs from me about things that are current.
iv got plans... again... lets see if i follow them

till then 
fly backwards (i know my tech 3 does)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Zama haz Drake

God no please dont tell me your flying a drake

yup my time of flying gallente only is over... so for the heck of it i chose to fly a drake around in small and large gangs a bit.
i hate the thing... but it fits a role wich is standerd ship with DPS and takle very well. has hard nut to crack. so for the time being im flying a drake around (while i train up for the much better hurricane) so that i can have good old jokes with people about how crap it is. tough i have got quite a few kills with it so far. take a look for yourself

you can still see a lot of green and i will not stop flying my beloved gallente just i think it was about time i cross train and fly some cool stuff. my current aims are: onyx, hurracane, dram, vaga, cyna, and onwards...

So FACTS is without sov again...

so OWN alliance got booted by reds out of there station system s6qx-n, which is never fun evacing things under fire wile im also trying to do my work that needs to be in the next day...
not too happy about it really but what do we do thats war for you. we have just moved down to trib and are fighting out of there instead

regadless of who we are with or where we are FACTS always seems to do a good job of keeping things togever. we keep fighting and kicking no matter the sit wich makes me very happy.

Solo me

im trying to think of some good ideas for areas i can go solo too (well solo + small gang) want to get my corp some more small scale PvP action
i got some ideas
been watching some red space and some very stupid people flying around in ships i would very much like to releave them of i just need to orginze some ops down that way
also some nice small gang stuff to be had close to home
so im going to let everyone get tehre stuff togever a little more then then do some nice small gang HD and roaming stuff

till next time have a cookie

Monday, 21 March 2011

An update for the ages

ok so i have had my corp mates naging me to update. i keep telling them i will update when i have time... so all of a sudden i have a moment or two to update my blog about whats been going on in my little world of eve

So i have basicly sorted my income out so i can support my 2nd account with PLEX on my PI produce and pay for my PvP at the same time (which reminds me i need to get a new PLEX in less than 7 days). i have not ratted in about 3 months (well maby to help some guys out or if im really board but not to make any hard cash). i also sorted out a freinds PI to make same stuff and its funded him for a bit :) but he is lazy and cant keep it runing like i do.
i basicly make about 150mil a week off it sometimes more. (no its not a huge ton but its passive income plus whatever else i do i am quite setup just to PvP and pay for a 2nd account).

so yes i have supported my PvP with PI income (plus other stuff like R&D and a few joint projects). so i got a standerd fleet supply for myself, which means i been able to enjoy flying my Lachesis, Ishtar, Ishkur, Ares, Taranis, got myself back in to flying the Phobos which i stoped coz it kept dieing i got a new fit for it now with more plates and less dps (which seems to keep so far), Eris and Proteus. as you can tell im big on flying the Gallente ships, which brings me to the comment that people think they are underpowerd and need a buff well i dont agree i have plenty of fun in my Gallente stuff i never see a power diffrence with the other races as long as i fly the ship right (which a lot of people dont and they are the ones that moan that they are underpowerd). but anyway since my last post i have broken my faction ship cherry and gotten myself a Daredevil and a Vigilant for fun and im happy i have flown these ships, i will start with the Daredevil not going to share my fit on this coz its my own personal mix up of what iv seen works quite well, at 1st i lost a few coz i needed to learn a lesson, im used to fly my Ares which is an inty so i did the same style in the daredevil go in for the tackle and shoot till it dies... bad idea... basicy you want to fit EHP boosting and AB's to a daredevil and fly it like a AS (but faster) as soon as you learn to fight within our backup plans and there ranges you are very hard to kill. i got mini frig level 5 now so 90% reduceing effect to there speed (which is crazy) stoped a dram dead in its tracks trying to burn to a gate was funny has hell to watch his shock in local as i tore him apart. now on to the Vigilant which i have not flown much or will i very much (fit is kinda crazy) im going to take it out on special ops which i am planing for fun. its not that im scard to lose it but i dont want to make any fleet im in a target as Vigilant is seen as quite a prize kill, rightfuly so its a fanstic solo ship able to dish out some really crazy dps, working on min cruser level 5 which for this which means after its done im going to brake my Gallente only rule and start to cross train some stuff like for more HAC's and Recons maby even a dram...
i know the Daredevil is tecinicaly not Gallente but it still has gallente bouns... :p

Life in Eve
WELL im fairly busy in real life at the moment Uni work is getting a hold of me and i need to keep runing or i will fall behind (was sick for some time). so my Eve time has been limted, so means my PvP has been limted which also means my time for my corp has been limted, which means things are a bit slow in genral :) i hope to give everyone more love soon but in the mean time everyone still does very well.

i have really only just noticed my corp is kinda old when it comes to EVE corps. FACTS on EVE has been around for over 3 years and seen a lot of changes, shame we are not all powerful yet but we will get there :P.

well im not on my home PC at the moment so i have no screen shots to post so lets see what i can find from my freinds and stuff

hehe PI

blast im going to have to look from images off others forums have none lol

a cool dude i let you work out who he is lol 

a pic of a lach from eve wiki site

lol shocking use of images today when i get home i will add some more filler ones for everyone to look at :D

people who do update
im going to link two blogs that are also in my corp
they kinda do update more than me so just give them a look :)
maniacs blog (maniac has always been a good freind of FACTS and since rejoined which is nice)
Drik seers blog (dirk is co-founder of FACTS along with delta)

maby this will encorage them to update some more...

Till next time
Fly upside down

Thursday, 20 January 2011

the new badass zama

so zama has now gone from

to BAM
i am very happy with the new zama as i was kinda unhappy witht he old zama :)
bring on more please
apart from this mainly i been FCing small gangs around

till next time
zama out!

From South to North Then back South again

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please feel free to comment back
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fly safe
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