Friday, 25 December 2009

happy chrismas all

happy chrismas to everyone

i had a festive falcon and pod kill on Wednesday i hope that pilot has a good chrismas as well :D
also have carrier level 4 now so i can have 10 drones (with the help of control unit) out which i love :D
also refined my ishtar fit which i love to bits and earning a good amount of money off all this new 0.0 stuff i  hope to buy a Deimos sometimes soon along with my very own Proteus both of which im not sure on the fit

one thing i did notice i missed off my last update was some images
so i will add some now to make up for that

how do you like the little conga line i got going there
i let you guess which one im flying :P

Monday, 21 December 2009

Ok how not to update

Ok 1st off I have been updating
But I just never published my blogs lol
so you ever get that feeling when something keeps building up and you keep putting it off then next time you come back to it you will have to do even more work to make it right. Yer well that’s this blog post.
So all that has happened is that I’ve been writing down notes and then forgetting about them then added
The blog becomes larger and larger in till I get to now and I think maybe I should post this and post on a more regular basis. 
but now I think about it, my blogs are about me and my life in eve and if my delayed updating is me then it’s just right :P
So like iv done before I will just post it all out in a jumble  :P

Class 5 WH
Even the gas mining in a class 5 WH is deadly, 2 Battleships spawn in the gas belts and they eat you for tea.
I went in with my tanked dominix and a friend in a Hyperion remote reping me and they just melted me like butter I was only just able to get out. Now I won’t brag but my dominix tank is good but while I did last longer than my friend I could not have taken them on alone. Nor did we manage to break them even after warping out (yes my domi and his hype did get out) and coming back for more.
I can’t imagine what kind of loot you get from a BS that powerful I love to crack one open and scope up its goo :P
In the end we settled for a less rare gas site where we mined it bear and my friend took the gas to build stuff with.
I also have a little business deal going on with my friend where I will hopefully earning money off building Tech 3 ships with him
And once get the ships building :) I will get my own :D

Dominion hype
See the new Dominion trailer (was new when I took the notes lol)
Its fanatic
I recommend downloading it form eve online website and playing over and over again on big screen TV

Corp management
Way to much business reuting all new players
Never knew corp management could be so much work

Losing ships
arg iv lost 3 ships in a short amount of time!
1st one was my SB to a bomb that I was not able to outrun, while I was trying to protect a bunch of logistics ships reping a POS
2nd was an Eris from taking on an Arazu, never reile on falcon ECM support the falcon was not able to get a jam and pop I go.
3rd was a Myrmidon I lost to a bunch of war targets we were camping in ammar. I really did not expect the neut’s around the station to start helping them that was a stupid mistake it’s been to long since I fight in high sec wars.

Then new world
I mined in the new patch
I’ve not mined in ages! I can’t believe I enjoyed it some what
I can’t believe what CCP are allowing you to get away with huge rare rocks :D I love it lets watch the market crash 
oo lord
Last few days have been insane! (Which only adds to the fact iv not been updating)
My alliance is now a happy Sov owner which we are working on upgrading our system and getting our outpost up
In the mean time I’ve gone in to more business with a group of friends running WH’s and DED sites around provi and if you read the 1st bit up there about the sleeper battleships well let’s just say I played them a another visit.
I will keep training this gang up so soon we will be able to run class 4 WH as a team and make lots of dosh.

Funny thing how you can just start to fleet command all of a sudden
Lately people seem to expect me to FC fleets (small ones rangeing from 5 members to 20). It’s funny how it started I just join a fleet see there is no leadership and step up in till a better FC comes along... no one else steps up (I will always hand it over I got some good friends I trust very much to FC and always hand it over to them if they are about) and I end up leading a fleet around which is fun to say the least. Very scary at one point when I logged on and there were 50 members in the fleet all needing a leader and the current FC begging me to take over, Long story short there was a carrier under attack in the next system this fleet had formed I just got back from eating and bam I was being asked to take over while the carrier shields where failing. Trying to get a hold of the situation and of the fleet in less than 5 minutes and get the fleet to the fight and keep them alive overwhelmed me to be honest and I managed to do the age old mistake of not warping fleet and just warping myself to die next to the carrier that was under attack. I got my pod out and lucky for me and for that carrier pilot a new FC had stood up warped the fleet and started calling primaries (I had not realised I had warped myself and called only 1 which asperity did die according to my friend).
So good job I say and very hard work
Lot a keres and go no kill mails :P
From that point I made my mind up I got to learn more about FC’ing and started asking and taking notes so that I would not make the same mistakes.

So now I get to today
Basically this is all that has happened since I last updated I’m sure I missed a lot of fine detail
but at the moment my eve life is full of politics and management (still FC’ing)  

The new free ship CCP gave us is cool (I think it looks good too)
And charismas is soon and I want the snowball launchers to come back: D
I hope to keep updating a little less jumbled like this
time will tell

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