Monday, 6 February 2012

my little muse about EVE online

i find myself ask this question often "why do i play eve online". then find out that the question i ask (mainly to myself) is very long and complex. (much like the game)...

last year i introduced two Friends to EVE online, both of which play a lot of games and a lot of MMO's (lots of titles i never heard of before), one lasted for a month had some fun and then got board, they other 2 months had some fun made a tone of money and then quit give it all to me (i was not complaining). i ended up asking myself that same question (in a different way) "why did they not like eve online". well its quite simple really, they never play any game for longer than a week they always like the new and get board VERY fast, the fact eve online kept them playing over a month is impressive. this year i asked them why they left they said "takes too long to get anywhere", hell i agree with them Hench one of the reasons i like eve so much, you have to invest real effort and time in to the game and it rewards you for it, but its not just a game which you can play to get to the top right away, effort and time both are needed.

they are now playing new star wars MMO and have made it to the top level in under a month (an example of how much they play), i am very happy you cant do this in eve, after 4 years of play i would be very annoyed if someone who is 1 year in to the game comes along and is telling me what to do... mind you sometimes that happens but sometimes they deserve it because they are good at it. Hench another reason i like eve... you don't need skill points to be good at eve, you need to understand the game and be good at flying around controling the space (and people) around you.  

eve is complex on many levels and there is a lot of reasons i like to play the game. i could type for ages about why i like this and that, but they all come down to the same two reasons in my mind... i like eve because you have to invest time, knowledge and effort, these investments are not hardships just you cant just walk in and own everything from the start you have to think about what you are doing, also i like eve because you need skill to play it, not skill points, not ship class, you can win a fight* or earn money in ANY ship (and you are a fool if you believe otherwise) with any amount of money or skill points, if you know how to play the game you can win but eve is so complex that from day to day how to play the game might change (and it does)

so there you go eve is not for everyone (really it is not for a lot of people) but the few that it is worth playing for get an awful lot out of it
i guess i like the games where you sit back and take you time (Hench i also like "X" games and Sims like "sins of a solar empire" or "civ" games, funny how they are mostly Si-fi games...)

so anyway enjoy the pics
and fly upside down with style

*when i say fight i mean any fight battle of market, battle for your ship, fleet combat, solo fighting... all you need is the power (skill) to pick who and how you fight, if you get both of them you will always win versus anything

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