Sunday, 30 May 2010

This world is mine

OK so i been taking a look in to PI and how I'm going to do it

I'm going small scale at the moment (1 world 1 end product)

I'm going to setup on a lava world in NPC 0.0 (which i wont tell you where it is)
This world will use Heavy Metals and Base Metals to make Toxic Metals and Reactive Metals respectfully
then take them metals and make Construction Blocks which i see is used in Tech 2 ships and carrys on to a respectable amount of planetary Specialized Commodities and Advanced Commodities so i believe with demand on this going to be high so i can make a respectable passive income on it :D (here is me hoping)

so the idea is this will be a little money maker for me (0.0 system will give me then eage) i can use it to make some respectable money (not anything crazy) then expand on it if i get the time

i may expand on this later see how it goes (more worlds would be cool but I'm not a big indy player)

iv been using the EvE uni wiki to work out the details very useful give it a look if you can

anyway here is some images of my current setup on Sisi (so this may be subject to change)

so this image you can see 3 extractors for the Base Metals a storage that stores the excess. the goods get moved from the storage to the processing that makes Reactive Metals that then again moved to storage that is linked to one half of the Refined factory's (making Construction Blocks) which then is linked to my spaceport

 The other side same again with the Heavy Metals making Toxic Metals that links to the final half for the Construction Blocks


The whole thing:

Now please i would like to know what you think of my setup how could i inpove or if you found to information useful

Friday, 21 May 2010

Ok enough with the sopy stuff

Ok iv not updating in a while

A lot has happened since my alliance lost HP to Noir/AAA, Meh so what Eve is all about loss
I see that Noir are making good use of the space and our station will always live on
So im going to stop with the sopy stuff about how unfair it was we lost the space and how we pritty much left on our own after that and move on to the really cool stuff that has happend since.

so lets start from there.
as some of you may know i am one of the leaders of my alliance, we command 400 people its not big but we are close Friends in eve all of us, major matters get voted on but final say is always down to the alliance CEO who always seeks advice from his leadership (namely me and some others), Cpt Lumis our current leader he always has been and probley always will be and to be honest he the best man for the job (used to be my corp CEO when i was in his corp before me and delta made Facts on Eve).

so at any rate to the point
when we lost HP we where layed with a choice:
A. live in low sec and PvP from there in to provi with CVA
B. move
C. disband the alliance

I understood we would not last as a low sec alliance (we PvP yes we are not a PvP alliance) and a lot of people agreed with me. provi was lost to us all the hard work we put in (year of hard work i put in to that area) was ruined so we would hold on to a broken dream try to rebuild or start afresh. needless to say we choice to move, there was a vote one it and we had a plan 1 week pass by and it would start in motion. now some would as we ran away well i don't seem many that when they run they run in to another fight which leads me on to the next part.

so while I'm a leader i don't have all the info somethings are kept secret for our own safety i know that and understand its need. so i knew general area we are going to move just not exactly where. so i spent a week in high sec (carebearing) and low sec (helping Provi fleets annoy the locals) when my alliance vice-CEO asks me to make a move so we can start getting ready for the big move. He asked me to move to Tribute so i pack a single frigate and off i go (my corp CEO already there guiding me in). i head off to D7-ZAC and start setting up (buy a few PvP battlecrusers and ratting ships).

So here i am everyone is blue to me (I'm neut to some this is why we did not move everyone down yet) i fly around join in on some fleets, do scouting, make bookmarks and learn who has set me neut (they are the ones shooting me) and what (had a very close call in my trusty Ares with a carrier and 10 warrior II's). We are here to join the NC...

When i moved in to Provi that was my 1st move to 0.0 and i was trained to believe that all the other 0.0 alliance where evil pirates who came to provi to kill us just minding our own business... now don't get me wrong i got over that idea a long time ago but iv always seen other 0.0 enteys as red and to meet such a wonderful bunch of guys was not what i was expecting. to shock is NBSI 0.0 rules are not just shoot everyone in the face and is much safer than the old NRDS that provi had. 2nd shock everyone down here are not pirates in fact most are anti-pirate.

so i spent my 1st week down here got in on some major ops (sorted out all the nuet issues) and started to get used to the area. PvP is much easier than in provi and there is loads of it (our killboards have shot up while being here just take a look don't forget we are a small alliance). iv made good use of all my ship types and its been loads of fun. fleets are so much more relaxed than in provi where they where very stressful and inexperienced compered to this. the FC's down here lead there fleets around with a relaxed ease and get in on fights (and win) often. they are experienced and powerful bunch of guys.

I already knew what to expect (as i have Friends who have lived in the NC for years and my best Friend in real life used to play eve down there). but i have still learned a tone of new stuff in the process (which is so good).

the NC itself is fantastic they are a close bunch of friendly alliances that seem to be so tight nit that they will never lose. Morsus Mihi (which owns the space we live in) are fun always doing something and understand the needs of there players and allies. from the moment we moved down here all my fears where put to rest and it looks like we will be here for a long time (may be even the rest of our time on eve).

After everything was sorted the order was given and the rest of the alliance moved down here. lost some in the move some people did not want to leave provi and i wish them all the best. since then one by one people have been falling in love with this place, which is so much different to any other space iv ever lived in and so much better for it (i never want to go back).

Now about the comment i made above "that when they run they run in to another fight" yes we never ran away. we just ran to where the fighting was and just in time iv been involved in a major battle before (D-G) which was a duck shoot and i was the big jucy duck, feels nice to be on the other side for once the fight for H-W was incredible the NC win and lose some and just came back stronger and stronger and stronger in till the SC was not able to match them, and well the rest is on the eve forums and stuff but duck shoot involving titans and super capitals. iv had more high profile kills down here in a week than i ever had in lifetime of eve.

its not all just big fights plenty of little roams as well. so that sums it up for my PvP down here which i am getting in to more and more every day my alliance is happy and im happy which is the most inportatint thing (we have a propas again and we love it).

PvE side which iv not done much of is good as well its very easy to make a good amount to replace ships with (you can salvage which makes you more). i must try out the pirate epic arc (for the Guristas that live right next door) but that can wait im busy at the mo.

the move has also added a whole new area on my map which i have visited (let me show you)
i think that is so cool (you can see where i am)

In other news
my corp setup some small time moon mining POS's in low sec which took a lot of my time, but that is over with and sould supply us with a good income.

I think i might of fallen in love with twitter and the tweet fleet :) and OMG i made an update on my blog

I am working on guides for ships to name some: The Arazu and how to make the Sensor Dampener effective tool of mayhem, The drone boats of Eve (the Dominix, Myrmidon, ishkur and ishtar) how to use them, How to fly Interceptors and do you really get a sucessful decloak and how to fly Interdictors (with my fav bubbleing bombers as they try to bomb you). these guides will need some work (with me also exprementing with them) any comments would be cool on any of them subjects but thats my main project for the moment.

so yes i have rambled on again like i always do (i know it makes for very hard reading). so i will leave you with some more pics so you can go "ooo aaahhh"

From a POS take down i was on

more titans that i have ever seen (hummm whats the task bar doing there)

one of the fighter bombers in a POS take down (very cool stuff)

A "rape cage" around a POS in H-W so much fun i never done this before i hope for me

Some of my 1st days down in trib (you see titans all the time)

From South to North Then back South again

Read about addicted Eve player and his Renewed ramblings in the South of eve, PvPing mostly but never one to stay away from a challenge, I'm sure you will find something i blog about that makes you smile.

please feel free to comment back
and i hope you enjoy reading my ramblings in space

my spelling and grammar is very poor, so i apologize and if there is anything you cant read say and i will try to correct it

fly safe
zama 118

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