Tuesday, 21 July 2009

busy busy busy

thats most of whats going on at the moment

fun things:
im getting my thanatos in 3 days :D
i was in the test sever where i had meany fights with CNealge we where testing a number of ships, in the end we drew with me:
loseing to him in a battlecruiser fight, a cruiser fight and a friage fight.
i won in 2 heavy assault ships fights and a assault ship
we drew on a battleship fight and a industrial ship fight
the battleship fight only dew coz i could not target his scorpion and he could not brake my tank i was flying my fav hyperion
every time i did manage to target him half his tank would go :P
the industrail ships well we just could not do any damage to each other and where finding out how fun finding out how boreing industrail ship fights are

i also came out with some cap ships and well by the end of our time there the place looked like a graveyard for a major battle

i got some pics which i hope to post later

the more stess fulthings:
major changes in allince
lots going on in my life with work :D

till next time
have fun
and fly safe

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