Thursday, 30 July 2009

some pics and a vid

here some images that are long over due

these are from the test server
wonderful fun here

Cneagle totaled me me in that drake

the cap ships dead in the background and the start of the iddy fight lol

also CCP have just posted this video and i think it is wonderful
best sum up of eve i have ever seen (ok so its not my vid by hay)

i think i may have to download fraps and make some videos of my own sometime :P could be fun

intill next time
fly safe (because i sure the hell dont)

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

eye for a eye

take one SB gang and one wormhole to AAA space
you get this

i found the wormhole in ZT-LPU and there we go to the impass region

thank you so much for comeing cootsy(humongo) and jae( donabar baas) i had a blast
will be finding one of these angen and get back at reds for there kills of our ships :)

next time i will take some screenshots :D lol im really bad at this

Monday, 27 July 2009

systems check

lights check
buttons check
core CPU unit check
Drone bay check
Fighters check
repair systems check
Power core check
Ward drive check
Jump drive check

systems online
Fighters pilots on standby
Warp drive ative !

yes i have my cap ship
the beast the Thanatos is ready
i spent forever loading it full of drones and fual and mods
its allready i really feel like im flying a mobile base
it can even refit itself in sapce lol

i will get you pics lol i keep bloging on my laptop and then keep forgeting to update

also in the events for zama118 and now zarca zama my new alt :) that i am very happy with he is currently skill trianing ooo god i wish i had the 100% bonues when i started

well yesterday i got stuck in HED-GP in my Stealth Bomber very stupid thing to do
i went there coz someone said it was praticaly blue (not geting the hint that praticaly ment less red than normal)
true to form there was a gate camp (only 30 odd local very low numbers for that system)
but still i had to get out sharpish and i was stuck for a while while i tryed to find a way back to the gate without geting draged in to the bubble.
a freind matrix came in to save me but he died at the gate (i feel guilty for that)
then i managed to find a way around the bubble made one safe spot off the gate before i left (just to be on the safe side) and out i go in once peace

apart from all that its same old
allince has seen some changes and more to come i will probley talk about them when they are all done and dusted
and katy ling a new player to eve got a solo kill tristan Vs riffter very amused to see he won (the fact that the riffter only just got out of a gate campe with hull damage probley effected his changes)

till next time
fly safe (coz i sure the hell dont)

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

busy busy busy

thats most of whats going on at the moment

fun things:
im getting my thanatos in 3 days :D
i was in the test sever where i had meany fights with CNealge we where testing a number of ships, in the end we drew with me:
loseing to him in a battlecruiser fight, a cruiser fight and a friage fight.
i won in 2 heavy assault ships fights and a assault ship
we drew on a battleship fight and a industrial ship fight
the battleship fight only dew coz i could not target his scorpion and he could not brake my tank i was flying my fav hyperion
every time i did manage to target him half his tank would go :P
the industrail ships well we just could not do any damage to each other and where finding out how fun finding out how boreing industrail ship fights are

i also came out with some cap ships and well by the end of our time there the place looked like a graveyard for a major battle

i got some pics which i hope to post later

the more stess fulthings:
major changes in allince
lots going on in my life with work :D

till next time
have fun
and fly safe

Monday, 6 July 2009

i love Stealth Bombers

the Nemesis my Stealth Bomber i love it to bits

the feeling of flying around with something a smashable as a glass car hiting a lorry is fantastic
no matter its so easy to blow up its fast (wich is always good) and its Stealth cloaky cloaky
fly around the gate no one can see me
fly around a blet no one can see me
not even my own corp mates can see me
you can only see me when i and my 5 other buddys decloak around you and ECM, torp and bomb your ass intill its gone
when help comes around we allready back in to the shadows :D :D :D

so i was flying around provi with this ship and 4 other of my corp mates and a freind of one of them in a cov ops scouting
we did not get any kills nore did we do anything much but fly around some systems
but it was a success of an op as we got used to flying our new ships, talked a lot, made plans for next week, had fun, etc...
well all i can say is the Stealth Bomber is very cool i cant wait to get in to the Force Recon Ship the Arazu but i will wait till larger fleets for that (can ECM and lock down while the bomber do the DPS)

iv also gotten in on two kills in the 2V gang which was fun (i got them in my bubble :D :D)

apart from that its normal eve play at the moment
im still getting my cap ship skills up and building the beast
and earning money (spent a lot on ships :P)

no pics today as im on a laptop without my screens on it
but i will update later in the week with some lovey examples from my travils and some more news on what iv been up too

till then

From South to North Then back South again

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fly safe
zama 118

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