Friday, 25 September 2009

high sec high sec high sec

i need a high sec exit :)
takes time for one of appaire but waiting for someone else to open a WH in to our system is just killing me

we are done we have finished the WH and want to move out now but we have no safe exit

the static WH (every WH system has at least one static WH that is allways there and when it colapises it openes a new one the very second) leads only to null sec and while there is null sec we can safely exit in we dont have much choice where the WH will lead too (there is a lot of null sec out there and even more people who would like to kill us)

i took some more pics for you to look at:

delta getting RR while being attacked

our lateist exit in to AAA space (8 jumps away from where we could be safe)
no use to us i bubbled it to scare away any fleets who want to attack us (just hope they not detemind)

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