Tuesday, 23 June 2009

i lost a Domi


very annoyed at myself for yesterday
loseing ships used to be a way of life for me but iv not lost one to pirate gangs like that for some time
it is without a dout the most stupid thing in eve iv done for a while (outside of eve i can make you a list)
so i lost a Dominix
so here is how it happend
i login ready to do corp mineing and find out there is a red in my system (GA9P-0)
it was zyxeli in a Vagabond now on its own a Vagabond so i join a new intel iv become part of for the 2V -CSS pokect, togever with the corps that live in 2V we get fleets up and kill pirates who enter our space so far its doing fantasicly well and we given pirates a hard time :D, so i join a fleet who is hunting him, at this time im heading to the H9-J8N gate where serprise Vagabond lands and moves to lock me down (without setting agrro) i sit and think and get orders to move to 2V where i can lead him in to a trap (sure that sounds like a plan) i jump he follows.
on the other side... an ishtar under the flag of Kausal. i think to myself aaa crap im not going to be able to warp am i
so i do the motions of telling the fleet who are waiting in 2V -CSS to come save my ass and acting as if im trying to get away.
they warp scram me down and the ishtar deploys Bouncer II's which hurt a lot while the Vagabond deploys its drones and starts to fire on me. i deploy my heavy ECM drones which stop the Vaga and then move on to the ishtar. the drones do way to much damage and my sheilds melt and my armor tank wont hold for long. i tell the guys to hurry up. then they tell me where am i... we can see you... im like crap! i did not tell them i was at the GA9P gate not the 2V gate and thus the time wasted for them to get to makes me die in a ball if fire just as the 1st fleet ship lands and the two pirates run away. i get away in my pod. :D
now in the whole fight i had smartbombs where i could of killed all the drones there with (the vagas 1st then moved on to the Bouncer II's coz they had no web on me).
so i sould of done that right off the bat but i wanted to keep them there so much, coz i knew my freinds would come and save my ass, but because i gave bad intel they where seconds too late :)

aaaa well i lost a domi big deal i live and learn
i will buy and outfit a new one and change the fitting so it is even better than before :) then wait for them to die this time

at any rate i love the rush PvP gives you even if im the one getting the pasteing :P

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