Tuesday, 13 April 2010

My Eve Space

i seen other Eve blogers do this, so i think i will give it a go, as it looks like fun

So yes lets start with an image

so yes as you can see i have two screens which is a must for Eve online (i also do a lot of programing which is a god send for). my wall behind is a pinboard which i have a lot of photos, posters, maps and stuff on

my PC case (you can see a "big daddy" from bioshock game and a walker from red) i built the rig myself its due for a remodal/rebuild soon. big fan on the front keep its nice a cool apart fromt that pritty standerd stuff.

two keyboards ?!?! "wtf he is mad"
no i dont type with them both one is a normal egro keyboard which i use to type with (once you use one you cant stand any other type of keyboard takes a bit of getting used to but so much faster and so much better for your hands). the other is a Zboard kinda a old make now but basicly has interchangeable keyboards for diffrent games (non for eve at the moment) and all the keyboards you can program with macro keys and stuff (i have the standerd layout on it and i use the diffrent keys for diffrent commands in combo with my main keyboard so basicly when i play eve i play it on overkill mode)

my mouse
i hate fancy mice give me a plain old optical mouse with 3 buttons and a weel and im as happy as larry

till next time
fly safe


  1. Seems the better EVE spaces arrive after the main storm, or it's just because they stand out more now.

    I can agree on the part that 2 screens is heaven, for both EVE and programming (Running 2x24" myself atm).

    And I also agree on the keep it simple mouse, however I do have 2 extra buttons which I use for vent.

    All in all a pretty smexy EVE space ;)

  2. :) iv never been one to follow the masses

    i have to confess a sin: the mouse it has 7 buttons (nav back and forward, 2 speed up DPI and one desktop button) all which i do find use for (the nav buttons just macro program now and then)

  3. The MX518 isn't just any old mouse!!!! :o

    That mouse is one of the greatest mice that Logitech ever made,and is a favourite for thousands of gamers all over the world!

  4. Well i did buy it off a recommendation :P
    At any rate simple tools that work well always sell well


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