Saturday, 7 May 2011

Zama haz Drake

God no please dont tell me your flying a drake

yup my time of flying gallente only is over... so for the heck of it i chose to fly a drake around in small and large gangs a bit.
i hate the thing... but it fits a role wich is standerd ship with DPS and takle very well. has hard nut to crack. so for the time being im flying a drake around (while i train up for the much better hurricane) so that i can have good old jokes with people about how crap it is. tough i have got quite a few kills with it so far. take a look for yourself

you can still see a lot of green and i will not stop flying my beloved gallente just i think it was about time i cross train and fly some cool stuff. my current aims are: onyx, hurracane, dram, vaga, cyna, and onwards...

So FACTS is without sov again...

so OWN alliance got booted by reds out of there station system s6qx-n, which is never fun evacing things under fire wile im also trying to do my work that needs to be in the next day...
not too happy about it really but what do we do thats war for you. we have just moved down to trib and are fighting out of there instead

regadless of who we are with or where we are FACTS always seems to do a good job of keeping things togever. we keep fighting and kicking no matter the sit wich makes me very happy.

Solo me

im trying to think of some good ideas for areas i can go solo too (well solo + small gang) want to get my corp some more small scale PvP action
i got some ideas
been watching some red space and some very stupid people flying around in ships i would very much like to releave them of i just need to orginze some ops down that way
also some nice small gang stuff to be had close to home
so im going to let everyone get tehre stuff togever a little more then then do some nice small gang HD and roaming stuff

till next time have a cookie

From South to North Then back South again

Read about addicted Eve player and his Renewed ramblings in the South of eve, PvPing mostly but never one to stay away from a challenge, I'm sure you will find something i blog about that makes you smile.

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fly safe
zama 118

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