Thursday, 8 March 2012

black ops fun, one less SC in the world

yup i had fun yesterday

took my sin out for a spin with a bunch of other Black ops and cov ops ships (almost more black ops than cov ops in this fleet) it was epic to take my lovely black ops out again after its been collecting dust for sooooo long. though i really need to refit it as the fit on it is old and needs major update.

anyway because it was a black ops and these things are best kept under wraps im not going to give you details just tell you what happend.

so we form up the fleet and move out to the system we will lie in wait for (i am not brigeing today so no need for extra fuel) i get to trundle along and jump myself with the fleet (which is just major fun when you have every black ops on the feild and feel like a ninja). we are looking for a target when a spy reports a nyx sitting in a pos in a standing fleet no one is in command of (this nyx is AFK!!! in a fleet not sitting in fleet command or even squad command this is a very stupid thing to do). so long story short we get "bat phone" to freinds to bring in support (as we dont have the DPS or tackle for a nyx) while this is going on a moblie bubble is acored in system where we will sping the trap, spy takes squad command warps the sucker to the moblie bubble, he is traped we jump in start shooting and support fleet comes in starts shooting and bubbleing (this is it he is dead). then he self destructs GOD DAM IT!... haha ah well at least its one less SC in the game.

it was a good show and i was happy to be apart of it, no killmails to show off but you know you got the job done and that is a nice feeling :D

in other news:
i was flying a ceptor in the epic fight in c-j6mt, flew with some freinds and i can tell you the time dilation makes flying a ceptor in big fleet fights so much more fun.

 it was an epic battle props to PL and Goons for showing up too, its nice just to have a fight for a fights sake now and then and this was one of them fights. over 1900 in local and i was able to use my ceptor to kill over 15 targets, kill as in we went for other ceptors and dictors... now that was a fun CTA

also i got myself a vindicator for low sec PvP, im not going to tell you how i fited it or where it is so stop hopeing :P, needless to say its allreayd makeing a mark and its has a nice faction fit, with the web bounes and damage bounes this is one nasty boy
yer i got myself a vindy

CQ shot for the vindy

anyway till next time
fly sideways

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