Thursday, 12 April 2012

more images to keep you nutters happy

so sad story 1st
i am reaching the end of my degree, so i got a lot of work to do
not much time to play eve and not much time to think about what to write in a blog

but i am still playing (when i should be working) and i do like my screenshots so you can look at them intill i find time to blog again


yer i got a naga, for long range sheild gangs we been flying. it hits a target real hard for a rail boat... as a poor mining barge found out when i found him mineing in the belts:
tengu in fight :P
but ugly tengu

so yer i got all the strategic cruiser skills up, fly around a tengu... but this one is not a normal tengu...

flying a dictor around in fleets is fun. you forget how much fun small ships are intill you fly them again

my new vindy
vindy ready to jump :P
lots of BS :D
got a vindicator... i will say no more :D

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