Saturday, 31 October 2009

So you killed your CEO now what?

Ok so it really isn’t that bad

a tip to everyone who has the power to pay with POS guns DONT lock someone and then release the control of the guns back to the POS. We where testing the POS guns (as we never have done that) and he was outside dropping cans for me to blow up so for a joke i had the idea i would lock him then i released the control just to be on the safe side (not unlocking him 1st).
The POS fleet like shooting my CEO in his Crane (90Mil ship) was very funny when I noticed his ship pop and watched missiles fly past him.

He was not happy...
at least I did not pod him. :P

My little trip down to jita

Ok so iv taken a trip down to jita to buy 3 things:
an Arazu + fit
an Keres + fit
and 10 sisters core and combat probes

I somehow lost my other sisters core probes, I don’t know how but I’ve seem to left them in space ARG i hate losing things

But anyway lets talk about my new ships.
Both share the same roles (E-War and point). And both are in my opion very good ships i love them both

The Keres coz its small has the same damping power as the arazu, not really a huge target for any FC and it makes a good tackle with fast lock speeds.

and the Arazu has an amazing tackle, it can fit Cov ops cloak Which is a huge plus, moves fast (so does the Keres) and the damping is just as good.
only one problem i cant fly the Arazu yet with its full fit

Little big fleets
I got involved with some fleets going out of my little 2v area (I don’t know why I call it 2v pocket the constellation is in fact called H-KW4A). We killed a Falcon with an amazing de-cloak by one of the fleet interceptors (really good job). And hit down a Taranis while it was trying to burn back to the gate (which I love watching them slow down)

What was not funny is two neut’s died because someone had them set to personal red (i really hate it when things go messy).

Cant wait for Dominion!!!

All the stuff in the new expiation is well cool
mail system, new worlds (which i took a peak at in Fanfest and now on test sever), the sov system which will be a dream come true for our alliance, the new browser (iv always hated the Eve browser), fleet finder and formations anyway WOOO HOOOO and so much more (titan DD anyone :P)

I just keep sitting here wishing it was already here

Only last note is I want more capital ops (I want to use my capital ship more!)

Anyway i will leave you with some pics enjoy and Fly safer than me

Zama 118


  1. Oh gawd I bet the convo on voice at the time would have been really interesting!!!

  2. ... i was not on voice :P
    i was way to scared :)


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