Thursday, 6 August 2009

more deepspace death

SB fleets
:( such a shame

as has been my ushal practice as late i have been finding Wormholes to other parts of 0.0 and taking Stealth Bombers to find some ratters to kill (same as with an eye for an eye)

so i found a new WH leading to Detorid which is wicked (Atlas space)
it lead from TU-RI6 to QRFJ-Q a lovely dead end system

this time round i got two gangs to go in both i FCed
the 1st gang made up of me and some close Friends and we went in to the area and spooked a ratter (he got away).
right away a gang came up and started messing up our day.
they scanned the WH and we made are minds up that instead of sticking around with our 4 man fleet we would head back to provi and get some more people while these red guys cool off
so later that same day we came back with a 7 man fleet.
this time instead of flying around close to the WH system we went deep in to the region really fast (flew quickly gate to gate) we had reds follow us all the way pritty much and no one was being stupid (so no easy kills).
hats off to these guys in that space they where good at responding to us. they could not catch us
that was in till well i came accross a Harbinger sitting off a gate...
after a insta lock on me and smatbomb death for some others we lost 3 ships and 2 pods (one was not mine :D)
i got away in my pod so we all regrouped and made our mind that its not going to work in this area as they are to aware of us
and somehow i duno how i got my pod out alive!! as so did everyone Else's ships (even tough some where hit and only barley alive

fun day never the less


I'm going
yes i am going to eve fanfest 09
i am going to running in PvP as well
its going to be a Blast i really cant wait
the ticket and fight are all booked

solo plexs

the insta scan solo plexs in fact can give a good income
its much better than ratting at any rate if you can find one

a map of where iv been so far in the game

i find it funny how WH have effected where i turn up some days

nice pic in WH space

reds Vs blues

a plex i was doing solo

the tech 3

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