Thursday, 25 February 2010

ooo sweet looking thing


dam i never much liked the scorp (in fact im a pure Gallente never much had taste for any Caldari ships) but i have to say the new Scorpion looks sweet, the old one i aways belived was half a Raven. It really looks nasty.

I wonder what changes will come to my Gallente ships (hopeing the domi gets a face lift)

In other news A quick rant
So im sitting around training ship spining to level 5 (1.2 million spins left to go) when one of my freinds spot a vaga comeing in to AY-YCU. I am in a clone with no implants and i love my Keres so much i deside to go take it for a spin. I know what your thinking Keres = useless as it damps its targets, well i belive damps are more powerful than ECM :) at the moment and iv proven this fact agest meny falcons (that all of a sudden cant get a lock) and my skills and mods make my power way over the top :D. Any rate one thing is true about the Keres it cant DPS at all, so here we come i meet my target who had just killed a Industrial Ship and was sitting on a gate. So i jump in hold my cloak then make my mind to engage (no point in leting him warp away i want to force him towards people who can kill him) help is on the way but they are always slow. So i decloak Target (which is very fast) Start damps and scram him, He left me a little comment in local saying he cant lock anything of worth :) (i love damps) then my freind in a Rapier decloaks here is my DPS :D. Being a smart ploit (which most reds are) he jumps the gate where my backup is starting to get there act in gear but they are not at gate yet, he jumps back to us i catch him again (i love the Kere's speed as well makes a good decloak) he gets to the jate and jumps again. THEN arrrrrrrrrrg this is my rant he dies in under a few secounds (before i can jump after). The Death of a vaga So i put all the effort in (frist in the system and all) and someone else gets my kill. BAAAA

aaa well at least i can say im doing my job 

thats it for now 
till next time
have fun people and fly safe 

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Argon One down

ok to start with my carrier name is Argon One
anyone who ever played X-U games will understand why
but im going to go in to the detail a little bit anyway

the Argons where name of one of the major races in X
and the argon one was there flagship :P i always awed at it (even though it was the same hull as my flagship)
so i name my carrier after it

i lost it in the last stand for D-G
now i dont mind loseing my cap ship in a blaze of fire with me shooting other cap ships while they desprity try to take me down :) with the rest of my buddys
but want i dont like is loseing my cap ship and i did not even know it or have the chase to fight back (or even run away)
coz at the time my eve shows me inside the POS sheild my carrier was fine in the sheild full heath and everything. then i get a message saying my insurace had be payed... dam it!
20 mins later i see myself next to my cap ships hull 300KM away from the POS (then poded) and the cap fleet left inside the POS jump away to safety
4 titans on my killmail i think that is worth noteing: killmail

new one im going to call agron two!

easy loss as for what else happend in D-G well im not sure but in the end it was lost
we will fight for it again just need to sort some stuff first

anyway iv been real busy with work at the moment so iv not had the chase to update my blog in much detail
this is also why this blog is so late

stay tuned and i will update with a blog iv been working on and some new pics soon

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