Friday, 26 June 2009

scaning is boreing

when you dont find anything
when you do find things it can be very fun
but if you keep finding wormholes it gets very well old very fast

iv been flying around in my fleet still with the 2V a lot everyday
im starting to pine for a red to come in to 2V just so i can kill them
which they have now and then but iv managed to be in the wrong place everytime and not get on the kill
aaa well next time i will be sent to the action istead of gaurd duty :P

apart from that the Cap ship is comeing along got all the BPC's now
and my new ship fittings for the ishtar, phobos and Dominix are working wonders which is good

thats it really all is good

some quick tips on scaning
probing is very complex system as it IS based off real life probing biggrin.gif

iv seen loads of guilds and people tell me stuff that is soooo wrong
learn the basics and then build up on that my tips are:

space is 3D if you scan on a 2D plane then only the 3 closeit probes will give you good reading
but if you scan in all your probes will give you a boost (its hard to arage but can be done)

spend some time setting up the probes before you start hunting (you can use the SHIFT key to move them all around at once and also change all there scan ranges at once saves a lot of time)

if your scaning for cosmic then dont shove to meny probes out it wont help

if your scaning for a ship thats moveing as meny probes as you can and make sure to spread them out (maby leave one in a know safespot)

and a pic to leave you thinking

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