Friday, 14 August 2009

from hero to zero in a matter of seconds

ok well its not that bad
you all know about my domi loss
well iv been rebuying my implants and well i have 4 milions isk left :) (only got 1 impant left to buy)

lol no problem really just a bit annoying not to have saved up money left to use

anyway i will make it back
i always do R&D stuff is going good im getting my standing up bit by bit

iv also now talked to my corp mate and freind dirk (runs the Zero Gravity blog)
and i am now makeing plans to go live in WH space
its going to happen in about 4 days time then we will be rolling out to find a nice class 2 all to ourselfs (which will take some serching but wont be to hard)

for the moment im getting all the ships i will need
battleship, cov ops, hauler, steath bomber (ok i dont need but i want it), etc...
and training the skills i need for it.
its going to be a blast i can feel it.

at any rate i hope any of you lot dont have the same bad luck i have had this week
but mind you its seems to be turning around towards becomeing possibley earning lots of money i hope all this works out (or im even more broke than before lol)

no pics today as iv not had anything new to screenshot

fly safe

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