Thursday, 28 May 2009

bye bye

going away for a week to center parks :D
so im leaveing eve with long skill training (for my cap ship)
and i will blog once i am back :D
hope to see you all soon

fly safe

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

big mineing ops

had a big allinace mineing op yesterday
it was a good turn out i thort 20 people with rorq support we cleaned out 4 0.0 belts (and that's no easy task)
there was fun chat and good team work i enjoyed it a lot

and today our corp had a big ice mineing op which had a lot of the alliance join in with
it was fantastic to have all our Friends come out and join
they did there own ice mineing but we got nice bones :D and its nice having your alliance mates around you when your doing something that boaring
we chatted about all sorts of stuff (POS, cap ships, computers, bla bla bla....) it was a good night

iv been hypeing myself over cap ships lately
i have now devoted myself to the Thanatos like no one business :D i cant wait
iv been learning all about POS warfare and what and what no to do with carriers
also good tricks to do with them, fighter drones are soooooo cool i cant wait to get my hands on them. I'm going to be ratting in it :P (use a another member to help me and stay at the POS with the cap ship let my fighters do the nasty stuff)

well I'm waiting on pics from my corp members over the ice mineing op i will upload them soon

Saturday, 23 May 2009

god i love wormholes

well after that fleet i was talking about yesterday i found a wormhole (much the same as the one that lead to impass)

wormholes can lead to two diffrent places
they can lead to unknow space (wormhole space in other words) or back to know space (empire, low sec or null sec/0.0)
the one i found lead to null sec right smack bang on the other side of eve (lol very far away from me in distance not in jumps funnly) lead to the pure blind region
ooo what fun this area of space is lead by IRON which as the name sergests they do hold it in a IRON grasp
i flew around found a major load of them (they are all set as red to me) and then ran away
Cneagle was on as well we both whent about this region was not able to find much but it was good fun never the less (again did ratting right in the enamys strong hold which i think is utter crazy)
i know its not the most fantasic thing just flying around a region its just i love the fact im on the other side of EVE and in the center of my enamys space without haveing the pass a single gate camp
i just like to take a peak
wormhole where a wonderful addtion to eve utter fantasic
the gate bug hopefuly will be fixed with this next patch so everything will be good again in eve

Friday, 22 May 2009

god dam gate bug

currenty in a fleet
but the gate bug and made us have to stop in a red system instead of romeing around looking for kills
really now CCP this is silly

the bug has effected me all week
what happens is when we make a jump the game frezzes on the otherside
this means you have to relog
that also means that anyone can shoot you
and its also takes a long time

it does not happen everytime but its quite offten so very annoyed zama at the mo

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

silly pies

i came accross the same two again !
and thay had fallin for the same trick again with the domi (not mine this time)
almost had them this time with the ishtar in hull but no got away again maby next time

the whole day the eve sever has been on the frits (shuting down randomly and strage gate jumping problems where your new system never loads)
i got kicked out while i was in a complex with rouge drones shooting me (lucky it was not a hard one or i would of been dead)
how annoying

yesterday i shot at the FACTS POS just for fun flying around in my Incursus the large guns where not even able to hit me very fun i had to fly away and wait 15 mins before it would stop shooting at me
if i was flying anything larger i would of been cooked in seconds

well there you go a small update
fly safe

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


ooo my iv done far to much ratting latley
iv filled up 4 cans (which i have above my corps POS) its all been moved down to a local starbase to be hauled to high sec (i dread to think how much its all going to add up to)
the current affect is that i have been chating to someone in real life, posting on forums and doing some work on some websites im building, while i do all that im ratting with EVE in the background
very very very bad idea to do in 0.0 space (but i do it anyway...) as reds can come in and you may not notice

in fact they did!
i was talking away on MSN (which i hate doing i most offten just have the stupid thing turned off)
and then looked over to my eve to check how the salvageing was going (it had finished) warped back to the can above the POS and dumped the loot. then set full speed back to the next belt on the list
this is when i made my mind up to check on FACTS on EVE chat room...

Commander Smeghead > Igor1974 Serena Wings
Commander Smeghead > 2 reds
Jorrel Baas > now?
Commander Smeghead > yes
Commander Smeghead > I just got out of there
Jorrel Baas > post in cit
Commander Smeghead > as soon as they approached me
Humongo > stay in POS we willbring fleet toyou
Humongo > let me know if they leave sector
 zama118 > .. reds lol
zama118 > told you i would not notice
Humongo > zama you in GA
zama118 > yer
zama118 > still ratting lol
zama118 > getting out now
Humongo > kk what ya in ??
zama118 > unless you want me to bait
 zama118 > domi
zama118 > i can bait
 Humongo > are you in fleet
 zama118 > :D
zama118 > no

lol reds in system i did not even notice
anyway my Dominix has a fantasic tank (two large armor reps)
so as you can see i offerd to rat as bait
i headed to h9 then to c1 (makeing it look like i was jumping systems while ratting)
in C1 i found some battleships and started away at them
soon enfo 1 flashy red came on screen
then 2 flashy reds :D
one was flying an ishtar (my fav :D) and the other was in a ECM ship jaming the crap out of me
ishtar sent its heavy drones at me
lol i did not even have to turn on my other rep (must not have them drone skills up high)
so Humongo then jumped in with his phobos and bubbled the ishtar (the ECM was to far away). the ishtar burned away. rest of the fleet warped in just as the ishtar warped off (ECM following)

if i had some takle on on domi they i could of held the ishtar for a little longer (maby even for the fleet to pop him
so i started playing around with baiting domi setups
smartbombs and takle with the same perma rep that my ratting domi has :)
and it looks like a PvE ship (well it is PvE) so anyone will think easy target :D got to love it
i may try it out one day (problem not on the same two)

till next time
fly safe

Friday, 8 May 2009


getting closer to my 1 bil targert at 914mil now :D
talking about targets im also less than a day away from my covert ops ship :D

was involed in a small POS takedown killmail here it was very fun (no big boom :( ) but being with a few in a fleet and just pounding the crap out of it was good

i had to log just after and missed out on a TS kill :(

also had a go at ice mineing for our weekly corp mineing op
iv not done this in ages (and now i rember why) but the new ice rocks are cool as are the new mineing effects (BLUE!)

here some nice pics of some of the stuff thats happend

Monday, 4 May 2009

ICE mineing

ice mineing is a boreing affar.
takes me about 4 mins to min get something.
and seeming as im useimg my hulk and not a Mackinaw its very slow.
all my other corp mates use a Mackinaw and they get twice as me. i will get a Mackinaw but there where none in region at the time to buy (which is very strage).

ratting in 0.0 on the other hand is not boreing. i give you the resons for this:
A. your doing something and stuff go boom
B. you get a lot of money (even more if you loot)
C. feels like your getting somewhere (ok thats just me)
D. your in a combat ship in 0.0 (and im close to my POS) if any reds come around i can dump the mineing quickly swap ship and go have a bit of fun

my curret PvP is a ishtar with very good locking speeds not insta lock but it can lock a pod in 2.4 seconds.
only problem is iv not found the time or the right red to catch with it
coz it has no takle it needs a fleet so i need a about 2 hours of time to be able to hunt around with it. thats my problem with PvP at the moment takes to long im not much of a come online for long time kinda person and also i like to do my own thing and not get told what to do by usealy much yonger players

hualing can be fun
runing past reds is a blast in my transport ship :D
they did not even see me i did this 10 times

also seen this gate camp (in high sec on the way to ammar once)
here is the pic
i was impressed with it i liked the layout of drones at the gate and the battleships acting like a block for ships

From South to North Then back South again

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