Tuesday, 14 February 2012

the low sec gate camp thing...

not much been going on in null at the moment (at least not where we live), thats always the sign to go somewhere else and have a bit of fun.
so we roam Providence a bit, it nice to see my old home back up and working again even if i am the one going around killing people in it this time round, but honastly i belive i am teach lessons and looking for good fights, provi has always used to be the place where people go to learn about 0.0. now that it seems its back to that i am more than happy to lend a helping hand in teach people about loss...

ma cane and tempest :D

we also been camping avair, avair is the 1st system in a dead end low sec pokect, sitting on the ebo gate and waiting for targets is how we are currenty passing out time out of fleets (when we dont have anything else to do in other words), it is painful at times then all of a sudden then it can get very frantic and fun... low sec for ya...

nice shot i think

got a tempest for my alt :D nice ship if you want a BS that can move and do some nice damage (next i guess will be the teir 3 BC the tornado), also spent about 500mil isk on skillbooks i can now fly every sub-cap in the game (with zama) then every mini ship with zarca (my alt) :D

hummm it looks so 3D
anyway till next time
fly sideways

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