Monday, 21 March 2011

An update for the ages

ok so i have had my corp mates naging me to update. i keep telling them i will update when i have time... so all of a sudden i have a moment or two to update my blog about whats been going on in my little world of eve

So i have basicly sorted my income out so i can support my 2nd account with PLEX on my PI produce and pay for my PvP at the same time (which reminds me i need to get a new PLEX in less than 7 days). i have not ratted in about 3 months (well maby to help some guys out or if im really board but not to make any hard cash). i also sorted out a freinds PI to make same stuff and its funded him for a bit :) but he is lazy and cant keep it runing like i do.
i basicly make about 150mil a week off it sometimes more. (no its not a huge ton but its passive income plus whatever else i do i am quite setup just to PvP and pay for a 2nd account).

so yes i have supported my PvP with PI income (plus other stuff like R&D and a few joint projects). so i got a standerd fleet supply for myself, which means i been able to enjoy flying my Lachesis, Ishtar, Ishkur, Ares, Taranis, got myself back in to flying the Phobos which i stoped coz it kept dieing i got a new fit for it now with more plates and less dps (which seems to keep so far), Eris and Proteus. as you can tell im big on flying the Gallente ships, which brings me to the comment that people think they are underpowerd and need a buff well i dont agree i have plenty of fun in my Gallente stuff i never see a power diffrence with the other races as long as i fly the ship right (which a lot of people dont and they are the ones that moan that they are underpowerd). but anyway since my last post i have broken my faction ship cherry and gotten myself a Daredevil and a Vigilant for fun and im happy i have flown these ships, i will start with the Daredevil not going to share my fit on this coz its my own personal mix up of what iv seen works quite well, at 1st i lost a few coz i needed to learn a lesson, im used to fly my Ares which is an inty so i did the same style in the daredevil go in for the tackle and shoot till it dies... bad idea... basicy you want to fit EHP boosting and AB's to a daredevil and fly it like a AS (but faster) as soon as you learn to fight within our backup plans and there ranges you are very hard to kill. i got mini frig level 5 now so 90% reduceing effect to there speed (which is crazy) stoped a dram dead in its tracks trying to burn to a gate was funny has hell to watch his shock in local as i tore him apart. now on to the Vigilant which i have not flown much or will i very much (fit is kinda crazy) im going to take it out on special ops which i am planing for fun. its not that im scard to lose it but i dont want to make any fleet im in a target as Vigilant is seen as quite a prize kill, rightfuly so its a fanstic solo ship able to dish out some really crazy dps, working on min cruser level 5 which for this which means after its done im going to brake my Gallente only rule and start to cross train some stuff like for more HAC's and Recons maby even a dram...
i know the Daredevil is tecinicaly not Gallente but it still has gallente bouns... :p

Life in Eve
WELL im fairly busy in real life at the moment Uni work is getting a hold of me and i need to keep runing or i will fall behind (was sick for some time). so my Eve time has been limted, so means my PvP has been limted which also means my time for my corp has been limted, which means things are a bit slow in genral :) i hope to give everyone more love soon but in the mean time everyone still does very well.

i have really only just noticed my corp is kinda old when it comes to EVE corps. FACTS on EVE has been around for over 3 years and seen a lot of changes, shame we are not all powerful yet but we will get there :P.

well im not on my home PC at the moment so i have no screen shots to post so lets see what i can find from my freinds and stuff

hehe PI

blast im going to have to look from images off others forums have none lol

a cool dude i let you work out who he is lol 

a pic of a lach from eve wiki site

lol shocking use of images today when i get home i will add some more filler ones for everyone to look at :D

people who do update
im going to link two blogs that are also in my corp
they kinda do update more than me so just give them a look :)
maniacs blog (maniac has always been a good freind of FACTS and since rejoined which is nice)
Drik seers blog (dirk is co-founder of FACTS along with delta)

maby this will encorage them to update some more...

Till next time
Fly upside down

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