Friday, 4 November 2011


so i dont a bit of probeing today... what that i hear you say "well yer everyone probes for sites" ha well im probeing for ships... :D

ok so i start today off with the aim to get in some good old PvP and small scale (before any more CTA's kick off). so in to my daredevil and off i go, one jump and hello a solo Jaguar sitting a little way off gate. i take a moment to think about it and go for it, burn to range and start webing... looks like he is up for it no blob and he is moveing in to attack as well. i orbit him turn the AB off for a moment and kick in my amour rep, my sheilds down amour going slowly just need to brake that jags sheild and he will go down... a little while latter my hull is gone and my cap runs out... dam that as a good start.
dam i was orbiting the jag at 5km not 2km (best to get real close with a daredevil) might of made the diffrance...
never mind go back get a keres and some help. while i am away someone else has the same idea and pulls it off... ha well at least i know you can do it shame the vaga came in and killed that daredevil (seems the jag was not up to play fair).

i get back in system looks like that vaga is on the run. i find him at a planet get point get gets away (haha not going to pop me with my damps). so the dude gets away before a cyna can really start eating away at him... and logs off in system... ha ha ha... lets go get the prober and give the old skills a burn. few mins later. :D all thanks to a bit of skill with the old probes.

but no my probeing day is not ending there. later on we trying to pin down an incursus guess what he trys to get away and logs off with agro. i go get my probes and few moment later its dead :D
not the most value kill but he was trying not to die and it feels good to have sucess

well thats my day for you

hope you enjoy

zama :D

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