Saturday, 31 October 2009

So you killed your CEO now what?

Ok so it really isn’t that bad

a tip to everyone who has the power to pay with POS guns DONT lock someone and then release the control of the guns back to the POS. We where testing the POS guns (as we never have done that) and he was outside dropping cans for me to blow up so for a joke i had the idea i would lock him then i released the control just to be on the safe side (not unlocking him 1st).
The POS fleet like shooting my CEO in his Crane (90Mil ship) was very funny when I noticed his ship pop and watched missiles fly past him.

He was not happy...
at least I did not pod him. :P

My little trip down to jita

Ok so iv taken a trip down to jita to buy 3 things:
an Arazu + fit
an Keres + fit
and 10 sisters core and combat probes

I somehow lost my other sisters core probes, I don’t know how but I’ve seem to left them in space ARG i hate losing things

But anyway lets talk about my new ships.
Both share the same roles (E-War and point). And both are in my opion very good ships i love them both

The Keres coz its small has the same damping power as the arazu, not really a huge target for any FC and it makes a good tackle with fast lock speeds.

and the Arazu has an amazing tackle, it can fit Cov ops cloak Which is a huge plus, moves fast (so does the Keres) and the damping is just as good.
only one problem i cant fly the Arazu yet with its full fit

Little big fleets
I got involved with some fleets going out of my little 2v area (I don’t know why I call it 2v pocket the constellation is in fact called H-KW4A). We killed a Falcon with an amazing de-cloak by one of the fleet interceptors (really good job). And hit down a Taranis while it was trying to burn back to the gate (which I love watching them slow down)

What was not funny is two neut’s died because someone had them set to personal red (i really hate it when things go messy).

Cant wait for Dominion!!!

All the stuff in the new expiation is well cool
mail system, new worlds (which i took a peak at in Fanfest and now on test sever), the sov system which will be a dream come true for our alliance, the new browser (iv always hated the Eve browser), fleet finder and formations anyway WOOO HOOOO and so much more (titan DD anyone :P)

I just keep sitting here wishing it was already here

Only last note is I want more capital ops (I want to use my capital ship more!)

Anyway i will leave you with some pics enjoy and Fly safer than me

Zama 118

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Well yesterday was fun

CVA dispaned because someone hacked an Directors account

so i log on and get blasted with all this info
there ships flying around takeing there worldy goods out
that day everyone else makes there mind up that Providence is the place to be
what a day loads of PvP all over the place
i had fun right up intill i went to bed.

im sitting in 2V holding the fort from any pirates and we did a good job of that :)
joined up with a larger fleet as well and kicked some ass

so i log in today
and nice to see that CVA problems have been fixed by CCP
i dont think it would of been fair to let one of the oldist alliances in eve fall because of a hacker

long live CVA

well seem as my update is a bit early today i may as well tell you what im doing today
iv just had a my new Hyperion and im off it jita to fit it then im off to Providence to use it in what is probley going to be some more fighting over today as everyone still wants to be in Providence it seems i dont mind they can all come i will be waiting

have a pic as well to keep you reading

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Some more Fanfest pics

i only just got my pics off my phone

there not many but i thort you would like them

i will comment on them :D

i know you cant see it very well but in the background there is a big TV with a live feed of jita station and this dudes with his laptop and wifi is sitting in the way of the screen :P all you can see is his ship

they where some very dressed up people there :P these are actors i believe who where hired to look extremely cool

yer that back drop for the stage is amazing it MOVES around the SHIPS!!!!

look at all the people !

me being lazy and taking a seat

i did not take many photos
next year i will bring a camera with me

Monday, 26 October 2009

Back in here and in Provi again

iv been neglecting this blog

yes I have
is coz I’m a busy boy with a life?
Or am I just lazy

*voice in head* "LAZY!"

ok on to real things
one big update to make up for the lack of small ones
iv made them up in to the little titles I would of had if I was updating like I should


ok so I went to fanfest and iv come back its been about 3 weeks now :P and iv not told you about it
it was FANTASIC I will be going next year for sure I can’t believe how much fun such a geeky event can be
to start with all the jokes where eve related (my fav is the trip is taking so long I may as well pod myself home). everyone was pretty much talking eve talk tough the whole thing
it was my dream come true
from the moment you walk in the door and see the live feed for jita (lol so funny fights and ships 24/7) I felt at home as a demi-god of eve
you can hear my voice and see me on some of the YouTube videos out there (I leave you to guess that one)
I went to PvP talks, PvE talks, talks about the market, seen lots of new stuff talked to loads of eve fans
seen the most fantastic prestaions iv ever witnessed
... the back ground for the stage w as amazing and they guys at CCP know how to give a show
took part in the PvP torment
... PvP torment aaa yes I well ummm forgot my ammo :( and my other two team mates had no time to fit so we were kind of bummed out by that

Cap op
I can’t say much (as I would be skinned alive by our Cap ship FC) but I went on my 1st cap op in my carrier
it was fun (I know a lot of people think there not) but I enjoyed seeing all that power and jumping from system to system is cool
killed a Dark Blood Control Tower I am very happy about that
also almost got to hot drop a carrier group (but they were quick and jumped out before we could catch them

WH space

So we went in to another Unknown space system (a class 2 this time) with lots of plexs to run and one static link to low sec and another to class 3 WH.
I had planned to use the Class 3 link and do raids in to other systems (not PvP just run the plexs) but we never got around to it as we got a bit fed up after we had finished off the Class 2.
Note to everyone always check you directional scanner. I got lazy (so did my corp mates) and we did not notice the onyx, two nightmares (YES I know nightmares should not go unnoticed), Rapier and a Falcon. Who then came in to our complex we were running and killed Jorrel Baas in his Dominix (and got hits pod), which really sucks because I hate losing members and mainly as I was being lazy could of be avoided completely. Ooo well lesson learned.
lots of people do poke their heads in to WH space I never check there scanners I had a harbinger and a Bestower gas mining while I scanned them down checked them out and go in to bombing range on them with my nemesis (I really love that ship), I did not bomb them (I’m not a pirate) I private one of them then asked them to leave or die (I would of in fact let them finish gas mining if they asked). They closed chat and turned and left faster than I’ve ever seen a Bestower ever go

General musing about WH space
spamming the combat sites in a class 2 gets very boring and WH Large pos takes too much fuel for it to be worth the time for a class 2 WH
lots of people like to poke their heads in to class 2’s as well I think a class 3+ is much safer

Sitting outside stations bombing them is fun

a yes the more evil side to my latest WH trip
I found a link to null sec (red space to me Surprise!) with a station in system, I sat 32km off the station in my nemesis (which I love even more now) and bombs targets I think I could kill
I had a Helios undock I failed to kill (the bomb hit him but did not get the damage it needed)
then came a Bestower which the bomb did kill
I went back for more bombs come back in to system there was a banger mark II which held its docking timer (so took no damage)
after that the system started to light up and I thought it was time to get out

getting out of WH space

The class two is done time to get out
I haul the ships out Delta sorts out the POS
this is the last time we going to do a WH for some time there are other things we as a corp need to be getting on with and I am fed up of WH for the time being all the work of setting up a pos and scanning the system wears you down a bit (esspily if it comes solely down to you to do it)
this WH has not yield fantastic profit only shy of a billion

my friend rejoins VVA

My friend Cneagle has rejoined VVA (I know CN from real life and we are good friends) it’s just a shame he did not rejoin my corp (I duno really why he did not)

Back to provi
so now that all the WH stuff is sorted I head back to my real home of providence
I’m also back to doing a little ratting on the side to fund my ships and going to give the life of PvP a much harder try

Orders from a old friend
a hype and 20 Tristan (plus fits) for less than 84 mil my friend is crazy
I’m going to pay him 90 mil coz I can’t stand it feels like I’m stealing off him

Kills of late
I been flying around in my Ishtar (which I have finally sorted the fit for) and iv had a nice spree of kills
we had a Gallente Navy Comet and pod which got trapped by gate sling bubbles
Impairor I know it’s not worth anything but we got his pod as well (I larth about the noob ship)
2 ishtars and pod (ooo juicy) even 1 Ishtar I failed to do any damage to so no killmail for me for that one, but it was because I focused on the other :P like I should do
I have to put my hat off to my friends in provi of late they are getting good a PvP
1 fleet I ran which was made up of rag tag ships wonderful pilots they all knew exactly what we needed and we killed loads (I was honderd to command them around)
on that note I really love to FC small gangs (max of 20 people) it’s fun without having to go all all supper bossy FC mode (which I can do but don’t like to do)

FACTS and lack of members
I’m sure I’ve talked my corp. before but I think I will outline it again:
FACTS is older than eve we used to pay X games from egosoft way back in the day. FACTS was a clan so to speak (as none of the games are online we never played togever) with the sole aim of helping new players pick up and play X, like eve its very complex, FACTS stands for Free Advice Conquering The System and that’s what we do. As the X games started to lose our attention we as a group of friends started to break up and play other games, I started playing Eve and I was hocked. A few months past and DeltaW7 (known as Delta wolf on FACTS I was known as ZAMA) and we both joined a group called the triangle. Year later some more of our FACTS friends start playing and BAM we have our own "FACTS on EVE" corp (and for the 1st time ever we all start playing the same game online). the rest is as they say history, but after some time we as a corp. start breaking up (people want to do their own things in eve and everyone always moves on) as we have always been facts members we never looking in to getting new members so we are kind of low on numbers at the min and looking to go back to our roots and teach people how to play (on that note older members are welcome too :P).
Just hope we can keep going :)

VVA training op
last thing to note smally is VVA had a PvP training op which went very well
i was part of a red team they had to kill

So I will leave you with some last pics

And I hope to be updating very soon and very often

Intel then fly safe


From South to North Then back South again

Read about addicted Eve player and his Renewed ramblings in the South of eve, PvPing mostly but never one to stay away from a challenge, I'm sure you will find something i blog about that makes you smile.

please feel free to comment back
and i hope you enjoy reading my ramblings in space

my spelling and grammar is very poor, so i apologize and if there is anything you cant read say and i will try to correct it

fly safe
zama 118

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