Monday, 29 November 2010

epic coolness

this is epic
1st time ever i have been able to play eve accoss 2 screens (apart from  main and alt setup)
i will have to play arond with diffrent layouts of windows to see which works best

i love this to bits i can now see EVE without all the windows
also the way the veiw is over other windows (not steched) is so lovely a real vista if i say so

this plus being able to respend my learning skills (and the genral getting rid of leading skills) and the changes in the new patch (inc ammo changes and  genral inpovements)
i have to say its a patch im most looking forward

also playing around some more with fraps im going to start by makeing a video guide to flying a keres in small fleets or solo :)

intill next time
fly sideways

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

So i made a EVE video now i want a medal

so yer while siting around in my pod i played around with fraps and made this

not the most fantasic thing in the world i know (muisc is crap to start with)
but this is just the 1st stage now i know how to use the program and what kinda stuff it will give me (and tested uploading and very basic editing) i am now going to make the guides i was talking about but useing fraps and a mic :P
thats going to be fun... 
apart from this since i last posted only a few things have happend
My corp has a new home (so we can now center ourselfs once more)
Iv gotten in to some nice fleets with nice fights(also still working on the FCing and cov ops gang work i want to do)
FACTS is no1 on the killboard still (dam we own :P)

so all good times
the effort i was putting in to the old alliance is now going in to my corp and i want to aim high (be recoinised as a major corp in EVE would be nice) so i have whole load of plans and so far they are working :D
lots of plans i have (money makeing plans, Cap building plans, PvP plans etc...)
Im also working on expanding my PI work to incude my alt so i can make 2 times the product i have been able to before (i need to stock up enfo to fill a JF)

intill next time (which might be soon again)
fly sideways

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Ok so its been a while (again)

allright i think i keep starting this blog and burning out because i put to much effort in to makeing it sound good. also its a lot of work for me to make long texts that are spelt and gammicaly correct (as you can see in said example). but latey my writeing has inporved a lot so i was thinking i would fill you guys in (yer no one reads this so i am basicly talking to myself) about whats been going on with me and my eve life, without trying to go in to much detail and without trying to write long epic blogs...
i also like to post some new pics :D

so where did i leave off.... ahh PI.
so my PI stuff expanded quite a bit i now have 4 worlds mineing and 1 world puting everything toghter (which seems to be a very populer choice) i will get some photos toghere so you can see how my system works

so what has happend to my Alliance
as i have said i help run an alliance (VVA) which for all instisve resons is dead now (about 30 members all alts of the old directors (inc my own)). long story short: VVA takes in more carebear corps(than we allready have), VVA told to PvP more, VVA makes a massive push to PvP (which i might add starts to work), some people rage quit when we tell them they cant carebear 24/7 (carebear corps leave), others quit as we are pushing hard and they are working hard so they go somewhere else where they can relax a bit (i dont blam them that much), our leader lumis goes MIA (this is just before we are told to PvP more), with no order from up high people lose fiath and start looking else where, LOTS of people leave at once, VVA left with the hardcore (which are very very good PvPers and Eve players), we have a meeting and say we dont want to rebuild again so we will part ways...

thats a very long story cut short and maby i am talking about how i feel it happend.

so what is happening with my Corp
my corp FACTS on EVE... did not die with the alliance as most would think founding corps do, when VVA split ways we took in all the corps membership which was left and wanted to stay in NC space (XSI who our still our very good freinds left to go back to provi and help CVA i wish them much luck as i wish CVA luck as well).
so we said ok lets join another NC alliance, after a good look round and chat with lots of people (offers and such) we settle with OWN allaince... why you ask with all the news of them at late. OWN repesent for us a chanse to grow our name inside an alliance which is still growing and learning. we stand out more in OWN and we will help with whatever they tell us to do. i understand the stuff thats just gone on and see it from both sides, and to be honast i dont care as now i can grow my corp (which now has lots of members and fantasic ones as well its a real joy to see corp chat :D) while not haveing to deeply submit myself to alliance matters and politics.

so we are very happy

so whats been going on with me
well for a while now (ever since VVA droped sov and said to PvP more) iv been homeless new space is on the horazien but iv been pritty much soild PvPing (major fleets and such)
i trying to solo PvP more (and small gang) also keeping up my FCing skills and learning new stuff. like takeing down logi supported gangs and such.
here some stuff i been up to with PVP with pics..
such as bubbleing the crap out of stuff

titan brigeing

Big fleet movement

 Raining missles down on stations (oo yer i have trained missiles skills up and cand fly a tech 2 drake, i feel so very very wrong)
 Lazors on a Ihub!

To end with
im still working on them guides (very slowley ofc) and i have a new plan for a maby new type of fleet style... but i will keep a lid on that coz if it works i dont want you to know :P

yer so i played with the new avitars a bit to much and made zama 2.0
  notice he looks sorta like zama but older and more strict (instead of zamas current im passive face)

till next time (which i think wont be that long)
fly sideways!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

This world is mine

OK so i been taking a look in to PI and how I'm going to do it

I'm going small scale at the moment (1 world 1 end product)

I'm going to setup on a lava world in NPC 0.0 (which i wont tell you where it is)
This world will use Heavy Metals and Base Metals to make Toxic Metals and Reactive Metals respectfully
then take them metals and make Construction Blocks which i see is used in Tech 2 ships and carrys on to a respectable amount of planetary Specialized Commodities and Advanced Commodities so i believe with demand on this going to be high so i can make a respectable passive income on it :D (here is me hoping)

so the idea is this will be a little money maker for me (0.0 system will give me then eage) i can use it to make some respectable money (not anything crazy) then expand on it if i get the time

i may expand on this later see how it goes (more worlds would be cool but I'm not a big indy player)

iv been using the EvE uni wiki to work out the details very useful give it a look if you can

anyway here is some images of my current setup on Sisi (so this may be subject to change)

so this image you can see 3 extractors for the Base Metals a storage that stores the excess. the goods get moved from the storage to the processing that makes Reactive Metals that then again moved to storage that is linked to one half of the Refined factory's (making Construction Blocks) which then is linked to my spaceport

 The other side same again with the Heavy Metals making Toxic Metals that links to the final half for the Construction Blocks


The whole thing:

Now please i would like to know what you think of my setup how could i inpove or if you found to information useful

Friday, 21 May 2010

Ok enough with the sopy stuff

Ok iv not updating in a while

A lot has happened since my alliance lost HP to Noir/AAA, Meh so what Eve is all about loss
I see that Noir are making good use of the space and our station will always live on
So im going to stop with the sopy stuff about how unfair it was we lost the space and how we pritty much left on our own after that and move on to the really cool stuff that has happend since.

so lets start from there.
as some of you may know i am one of the leaders of my alliance, we command 400 people its not big but we are close Friends in eve all of us, major matters get voted on but final say is always down to the alliance CEO who always seeks advice from his leadership (namely me and some others), Cpt Lumis our current leader he always has been and probley always will be and to be honest he the best man for the job (used to be my corp CEO when i was in his corp before me and delta made Facts on Eve).

so at any rate to the point
when we lost HP we where layed with a choice:
A. live in low sec and PvP from there in to provi with CVA
B. move
C. disband the alliance

I understood we would not last as a low sec alliance (we PvP yes we are not a PvP alliance) and a lot of people agreed with me. provi was lost to us all the hard work we put in (year of hard work i put in to that area) was ruined so we would hold on to a broken dream try to rebuild or start afresh. needless to say we choice to move, there was a vote one it and we had a plan 1 week pass by and it would start in motion. now some would as we ran away well i don't seem many that when they run they run in to another fight which leads me on to the next part.

so while I'm a leader i don't have all the info somethings are kept secret for our own safety i know that and understand its need. so i knew general area we are going to move just not exactly where. so i spent a week in high sec (carebearing) and low sec (helping Provi fleets annoy the locals) when my alliance vice-CEO asks me to make a move so we can start getting ready for the big move. He asked me to move to Tribute so i pack a single frigate and off i go (my corp CEO already there guiding me in). i head off to D7-ZAC and start setting up (buy a few PvP battlecrusers and ratting ships).

So here i am everyone is blue to me (I'm neut to some this is why we did not move everyone down yet) i fly around join in on some fleets, do scouting, make bookmarks and learn who has set me neut (they are the ones shooting me) and what (had a very close call in my trusty Ares with a carrier and 10 warrior II's). We are here to join the NC...

When i moved in to Provi that was my 1st move to 0.0 and i was trained to believe that all the other 0.0 alliance where evil pirates who came to provi to kill us just minding our own business... now don't get me wrong i got over that idea a long time ago but iv always seen other 0.0 enteys as red and to meet such a wonderful bunch of guys was not what i was expecting. to shock is NBSI 0.0 rules are not just shoot everyone in the face and is much safer than the old NRDS that provi had. 2nd shock everyone down here are not pirates in fact most are anti-pirate.

so i spent my 1st week down here got in on some major ops (sorted out all the nuet issues) and started to get used to the area. PvP is much easier than in provi and there is loads of it (our killboards have shot up while being here just take a look don't forget we are a small alliance). iv made good use of all my ship types and its been loads of fun. fleets are so much more relaxed than in provi where they where very stressful and inexperienced compered to this. the FC's down here lead there fleets around with a relaxed ease and get in on fights (and win) often. they are experienced and powerful bunch of guys.

I already knew what to expect (as i have Friends who have lived in the NC for years and my best Friend in real life used to play eve down there). but i have still learned a tone of new stuff in the process (which is so good).

the NC itself is fantastic they are a close bunch of friendly alliances that seem to be so tight nit that they will never lose. Morsus Mihi (which owns the space we live in) are fun always doing something and understand the needs of there players and allies. from the moment we moved down here all my fears where put to rest and it looks like we will be here for a long time (may be even the rest of our time on eve).

After everything was sorted the order was given and the rest of the alliance moved down here. lost some in the move some people did not want to leave provi and i wish them all the best. since then one by one people have been falling in love with this place, which is so much different to any other space iv ever lived in and so much better for it (i never want to go back).

Now about the comment i made above "that when they run they run in to another fight" yes we never ran away. we just ran to where the fighting was and just in time iv been involved in a major battle before (D-G) which was a duck shoot and i was the big jucy duck, feels nice to be on the other side for once the fight for H-W was incredible the NC win and lose some and just came back stronger and stronger and stronger in till the SC was not able to match them, and well the rest is on the eve forums and stuff but duck shoot involving titans and super capitals. iv had more high profile kills down here in a week than i ever had in lifetime of eve.

its not all just big fights plenty of little roams as well. so that sums it up for my PvP down here which i am getting in to more and more every day my alliance is happy and im happy which is the most inportatint thing (we have a propas again and we love it).

PvE side which iv not done much of is good as well its very easy to make a good amount to replace ships with (you can salvage which makes you more). i must try out the pirate epic arc (for the Guristas that live right next door) but that can wait im busy at the mo.

the move has also added a whole new area on my map which i have visited (let me show you)
i think that is so cool (you can see where i am)

In other news
my corp setup some small time moon mining POS's in low sec which took a lot of my time, but that is over with and sould supply us with a good income.

I think i might of fallen in love with twitter and the tweet fleet :) and OMG i made an update on my blog

I am working on guides for ships to name some: The Arazu and how to make the Sensor Dampener effective tool of mayhem, The drone boats of Eve (the Dominix, Myrmidon, ishkur and ishtar) how to use them, How to fly Interceptors and do you really get a sucessful decloak and how to fly Interdictors (with my fav bubbleing bombers as they try to bomb you). these guides will need some work (with me also exprementing with them) any comments would be cool on any of them subjects but thats my main project for the moment.

so yes i have rambled on again like i always do (i know it makes for very hard reading). so i will leave you with some more pics so you can go "ooo aaahhh"

From a POS take down i was on

more titans that i have ever seen (hummm whats the task bar doing there)

one of the fighter bombers in a POS take down (very cool stuff)

A "rape cage" around a POS in H-W so much fun i never done this before i hope for me

Some of my 1st days down in trib (you see titans all the time)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

My Eve Space

i seen other Eve blogers do this, so i think i will give it a go, as it looks like fun

So yes lets start with an image

so yes as you can see i have two screens which is a must for Eve online (i also do a lot of programing which is a god send for). my wall behind is a pinboard which i have a lot of photos, posters, maps and stuff on

my PC case (you can see a "big daddy" from bioshock game and a walker from red) i built the rig myself its due for a remodal/rebuild soon. big fan on the front keep its nice a cool apart fromt that pritty standerd stuff.

two keyboards ?!?! "wtf he is mad"
no i dont type with them both one is a normal egro keyboard which i use to type with (once you use one you cant stand any other type of keyboard takes a bit of getting used to but so much faster and so much better for your hands). the other is a Zboard kinda a old make now but basicly has interchangeable keyboards for diffrent games (non for eve at the moment) and all the keyboards you can program with macro keys and stuff (i have the standerd layout on it and i use the diffrent keys for diffrent commands in combo with my main keyboard so basicly when i play eve i play it on overkill mode)

my mouse
i hate fancy mice give me a plain old optical mouse with 3 buttons and a weel and im as happy as larry

till next time
fly safe

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Let it be known

HP-6Z6 has fallen

all my stuff is out and we/myself are ready for the next move :)

but let it always be known that HP-6Z6 is VVA space we came to the HK constaliaton routhly two years ago where it was contstantly under attack from Pirates and the locals where useless at defending themselfs. after a long time training and work we made it to a place where all pirates stay clear of (under knowlage that they would never leave again or die very quickly)
we then became CVA holders and HP became ours it was a dead system with a few POS in system no one wanted to do anything there. we moved in (30+ VVA in local almost all the time) built our outpost (which was a long and painful process) without no help from no one else, thus turning HP-6Z6 in to a trade up for the HK constaliation and a place where people came for fun.

The outpost was never CVA's its always been VVA stronghold and thus i hope everyone will respect the work we put in to this system and to the whole of the constaliaton.

I allreayd seen some people clame the system is a CVA space and the attack is on CVA not VVA. nope its ours we managed it and built it up and they are takeing away the very 1st outpost from VVA not the last outpost but still.

I never really liked the whole idea AAA put out which sums up to "we come in overwelling force so that small alliances can take away what larger and more powerful alliances worked very hard for". Noir who i have respect for (no smack talk in local, very dissapined force, pirates and mercs that plan out there moves and rarely slip up) would of never taken the system from us on there own VVA alone would of betten them back (this i am sure of). We based everything we do off hard work (never take handouts worked for our system worked for everything we have) and it has made us strong (strong enfo to get past this horrabile loss) and we will keep on doing this space we own we will work for.

Getting my Corps stuff out was quite fun they really wanted to kill my black ops (lucky for me iv flown big ships far to much and not make meny misstakes)
Got a POS in system which going to let die (no point takeing it down its too hot in system)
all in all as always FACTS as the lest amount of losses (all losses in direct PvP not runing away) and everything is out.

So i will close off with the Fact that as an alliance and a corp we stayed with CVA to the very end holding our Holders oeth and i was very happy to do so.
After all EVE is a harsh, black and evil place this is why i love the game so much. This war its all part of the game and i enjoy every moment of it.

Anyrate lets see what happens next

fly safe

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Saying goodbye to a old friend

Ok so its not really a person but a system called HP-6Z6 my home for almost 1 and a half years
Iv learnd a tone about 0.0 life and CVA 0.0 life down here. my corp has kill over a 1000 CVA KOS listed reds and its the place iv been most happy in my time in eve
Ok so the system is not gone yet i guess i got a few days still and im going to have fun harrassing Noirs attemnts to keep us down. (or i think there trying to keep us here)

time to move on i think :D
i think i will keep Bugining the locals for a bit then move on to diffrent space (Possibley go live in WH space for a week or two again) for a while then who knows
One thing i do know im going to Stay in VVA and FACTS :D and we are going to go on to new tasks

one thing i do hope is that the station Legacy stays forever (i put a lot of effort to puting that station up and i hope it is respected)

well iv not bloged in a while and some things have happed since then
such as my corp getting 1000 kill mark and becomeing the Corp with the most kills in the allinace, which i think for us being the smallist corp in VVA and not a PvP corp is dam good.
Iv also got my hands on a Black ops (the sin) which i can Black ops Brige other ships with, i got to tell you its frickin azsome to be in a ship that can Jump and Brige and is not the massive Captial ship size
in light of that im also trying to get my jump drive calibration to level 5 as the black ops jump range is really really poor.

well i always say a image says far more than my poor speeling could ever so here are some:

Me playing on the test sever

A Conga line at a frigate torrny for Pelican's 1st birthday :)

A VVA op to take down the station services in R3 Was loads of fun

Two ships fighting in the Frig torrny

Me somewhere in that mass about to titan brige

humm i dont seem to have any pics of my black ops i got to take some

till next time Fly safe!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Heros of Eve

Ok today I’m going to houner people in eve who are often overlooked when it comes the grand scem of things

They never appear in Eve alliance reports. They are not CEO's (tough some of them are), they are not major FC's in battles long remberd by them who take part, they are not major Mining and production tycoons and they are not the well know pirates around me shooting me

But get this
They could be every one of these as well (Inc... pirates)

So who am I talking about?
Well I’m talking about what is problem the smaller majority of eve players
Each corpation has them
Each alliance has them
They and very low key and don’t show up a lot (in things such are agreements) but they achieve so much
They keep their heads when things become unresnalbale
And most of all they give and keep on giving to everyone around them
They give their time and their money to help people who have less than them
These are the people who would give you there very last ship (or a hanger full of ships) just so you can buy that 1 last mod or get back in to the fight

I have known a lot of these kinds of people in my life on eve
From the very 1st day I played I had someone give me advice and then help me again once I messed up then helped me when I really messed up in to a gate camp in low sec
He gave me money and more inporatily the teaching on how to use it

When I joined my 1st corp there where a whole bunch of them who were willing to spend that extra hour helping me understand the complexity that is eve

as iv built up in my alliance I have meet some very knowalgeble people who give me advice or even a loan with no strings attached for 500mil (I gave it back the next day :P).
Also give teaching lots of advice (again)

So who are the heroes of eve?
They are the people who help, give and spend time with anyone (noobs or even experienced players). They basicly the people who teach to newbie’s so that they can become the big players in eve.
I know of many people in eve but only some do i think of that fit this group. Some of them have shown me the harsh way of eve (shooting me and convoing me after telling me my mistake), others have givening me things and shown me the kindness some players have, some have loaned me stuff and some have just sat around and told me how it works.
I don’t think this game would be worth playing without them. I don’t think any major alliance would be worth running without them. They are the heros of eve and i don’t need to name even a single one of them coz they know who they are.
My news for this blog
AAA, UK, Atlas and friends are attacking provi again and thus R3, Y-MP and G-5 have come under attack and SBU’s are active and reinforced timers are active.
Yer my home is under attack we are bleeding money. I’m getting killed often and neuts and friends are running away. GOOD i like it we weed out the ones who are not willing to stay and fight and we have kept the ones who are. FACTS on EVE all of us are here working and fighting to keep our assets alive. VVA have all of a sudden had a huge boost to active PvPers and people fleeting up to join in the fight. I am heading on my way to FC’ing larger better fleets and have done so a few times my skills are heading towards fleet command (I want fleet command to level 3 and the support skills level 5). We are getting loads of kills and I’m really getting to know my alliance members understand their worries and their passions.
It’s wonderful really nice feeling for us to get along and have fun. We have a New Team speak 3 server up and running getting alliance and neuts to join up for our fleets and its working out really well.
I can’t wait to see what happens next. And when (if) our space finally falls I will be there attacking whoever owns the space afterwards with my friends and new friends.
Watch us Swarm out of the station maby we cant match AAA numbers on there CTA's but we sure can kill anyone who thinks they going to bully us around 
VVA is not done not even close in fact I only see us getting stronger off this.

in eve iv always stod and fight
my 1st ship loss was in a war we never able to win and my frist kill was the same i will stand in the face of death and shoot it in the face till im dead or they give up

Thursday, 25 February 2010

ooo sweet looking thing


dam i never much liked the scorp (in fact im a pure Gallente never much had taste for any Caldari ships) but i have to say the new Scorpion looks sweet, the old one i aways belived was half a Raven. It really looks nasty.

I wonder what changes will come to my Gallente ships (hopeing the domi gets a face lift)

In other news A quick rant
So im sitting around training ship spining to level 5 (1.2 million spins left to go) when one of my freinds spot a vaga comeing in to AY-YCU. I am in a clone with no implants and i love my Keres so much i deside to go take it for a spin. I know what your thinking Keres = useless as it damps its targets, well i belive damps are more powerful than ECM :) at the moment and iv proven this fact agest meny falcons (that all of a sudden cant get a lock) and my skills and mods make my power way over the top :D. Any rate one thing is true about the Keres it cant DPS at all, so here we come i meet my target who had just killed a Industrial Ship and was sitting on a gate. So i jump in hold my cloak then make my mind to engage (no point in leting him warp away i want to force him towards people who can kill him) help is on the way but they are always slow. So i decloak Target (which is very fast) Start damps and scram him, He left me a little comment in local saying he cant lock anything of worth :) (i love damps) then my freind in a Rapier decloaks here is my DPS :D. Being a smart ploit (which most reds are) he jumps the gate where my backup is starting to get there act in gear but they are not at gate yet, he jumps back to us i catch him again (i love the Kere's speed as well makes a good decloak) he gets to the jate and jumps again. THEN arrrrrrrrrrg this is my rant he dies in under a few secounds (before i can jump after). The Death of a vaga So i put all the effort in (frist in the system and all) and someone else gets my kill. BAAAA

aaa well at least i can say im doing my job 

thats it for now 
till next time
have fun people and fly safe 

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Argon One down

ok to start with my carrier name is Argon One
anyone who ever played X-U games will understand why
but im going to go in to the detail a little bit anyway

the Argons where name of one of the major races in X
and the argon one was there flagship :P i always awed at it (even though it was the same hull as my flagship)
so i name my carrier after it

i lost it in the last stand for D-G
now i dont mind loseing my cap ship in a blaze of fire with me shooting other cap ships while they desprity try to take me down :) with the rest of my buddys
but want i dont like is loseing my cap ship and i did not even know it or have the chase to fight back (or even run away)
coz at the time my eve shows me inside the POS sheild my carrier was fine in the sheild full heath and everything. then i get a message saying my insurace had be payed... dam it!
20 mins later i see myself next to my cap ships hull 300KM away from the POS (then poded) and the cap fleet left inside the POS jump away to safety
4 titans on my killmail i think that is worth noteing: killmail

new one im going to call agron two!

easy loss as for what else happend in D-G well im not sure but in the end it was lost
we will fight for it again just need to sort some stuff first

anyway iv been real busy with work at the moment so iv not had the chase to update my blog in much detail
this is also why this blog is so late

stay tuned and i will update with a blog iv been working on and some new pics soon

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Stuck in SV5

So im stuck in my pod in SV5
:D i knew if i went to this CTA it would be my Megathron's last. well at least it was a good fight :D
also a well run sinper fleet but if you get called primary you going to die 
i see wensley in local :P he killed one of my corp mates who was unlucky to fly in to there trap at a cyno in his cov ops

well not much really to blog about apart from the waiting in SV5
i have not been on much as i had pressing uni work to get on with (dont want to fail how ever much i love to play eve)
and apart from that things are going very well
with FACTS on EVE getting new members (waves corp mates in Facts forums) and we are for once in our corp history makeing more money than we are spending (which means we can buy nice things for the corp and members). we are doing our own PvP ops never before have i had a FACTS only PvP op outside of high sec war decs
which i really enjoy, i may even get pratice my FC'ing some more

here some screens i took today

Sunday, 10 January 2010

On the battlefeild

so im reporting directy from the battlefeild now
where i am partakeing in my 1st sov takeover :D

in a sniper battleship fleet and are defending a bunch of onlineing TCU's

and we are so board we have started to make conga lines around the safe POS we are in

:D and thus my 1st day of war is spent makeing conga lines and Shooting red Pos's (for something to do...)coz AAA where to busy to defend there space aaah well there loss...

i was flying for the 1st time ever in my eve history a sniper fit Megathron which i am very inpressed with and did enjoy flying a lot

well lets see what the next few days hold for me as the fighting will surely get better :D
have some nice screens of the event :D

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Another day of managment and fun

So if you hold a place of alliance director you seem to get drafted to do things at stupid times of days :)

One of these things is hauling in my Cov ops transport over 2 billion worth of minerals to jita to sell for the alliance
The amount of money that had going in to my account that day was dizzying for me (ok 2 bil not that much but still it’s quite a lot just to pass hands)
But that was a while ago

Also helping escort freighters is another one of them respocen abily :D
New sinience upgrades level 5 pirate decation field and the cyno jam upgrade 
It’s all good fun helping beyond billions of stuff come in to system to help upgrade our money making power :D I will be enjoying the new sites that come live soon and also being able to cyno jam our system

I really love a good slug out between 2 fleets and fleet sizes where you don’t instant pop if you get called primary 
So while I am waiting to escort this freighter there is a red fleet handing around in our way
R3, X-R3 they are hanging around in heavy drake and shield support fleet
so like a good boy I’m already in my Myrmidon, which I love to bits did you know the Myrmidon is the 1st ship I got a kill in :D also the 1st ship I lost to PvP at the same time,  so I fleet up and we move to engage them...
Here is how the fight went from my point of view (1st time I don’t this in my blog as well)
So we all meat up in x-r3nm and got on the r3-k7k gate. Then found out they were on the misaba gate so we jump in aline, then they all warp to us on the x-r3nm gate so we reapoce and then they land and jump we follow after. so what happens after is a slug out where the two snail across the grid the drake fleet moving as fast as they can away from our tackles and us trying to keep up with them in our mix of ships.
I was hanging back a bit as my myr had long range rails and drones that and be controlled at long range. So we start popping them one by one. We also had logistics with us but the problem being our movement pace was all different and some people moved out of range of the logistics and thus were blown apart in a hail of missiles and drones
Overall we did much better than them with not many losses and lots of kills :D
After that they left whoever had been takled to die and ran away
Another fun match: D

How to have fun loseing ships

so the next day comes along and my freind and corp mate Humongo tells me that a friage gang is setting up in 9UY to go help take on a red fleet. So I get my trusty ishker (not my ishtar :D) and head on down join up. there is a large gang in 9-F0B2 so our little gang (we numbered just 20 frigates) headed over to y-mpwl where there was a Moros under attack, once we get there the reds start to leave, did manage to kill a Prophecy before he got out which is always fun. So the large red fleet is now in 9uy and we ordered to meet up with another large blue fleet to take them on. meet them in 9uy as the reds jump out toward 9-fob2 again.
So the blue fleet we are with follows them in to 9-fob2 and we then follow the blue fleet :D. the fight that followed was a blood bath for our side. I think it was reported they had 9 Guardians which means a LOT remote repi was not able to take down anything but a lonely manticore which I ponched on too fast for them to re. then I died in a hail of fire so many bubbles going up my pod as well.
but I had a hell of time dieing what I way to go in a fight like that fire EVERYWHERE!
So I was not done with that fleet for the day
I had ended up in my new clone and get right back in to my trusty Myrmidon (you will rember form the report above)
A new larger blue fleet is being formed to kick there ass and I join up and race with them to the D-GTMI system. Where on the gate to t-rpfu we warp (well most of us) I’m the 1st to land and BAM local starts to spike. then one hell of a slug fest begins and with our own logistics this time and most of their taken down or ECM'ed we wipe the floor with them
very nice fight
later one we catch another one in FX-7EM then I call it a day and head home

Letters from E-ON
Hello there

Thanks for entering the recent Dominion screenshot competition in E-ON magazine. This message is to inform you that your entry was chosen for publication and that we have a copy of the latest magazine to send to you - just as soon as you can reply to this with your mailing address. Within a few days you can also expect 100m ISK in your wallet too!

All the best and thanks for your entry.
well I never knew my screen shots where that good :D
if you Buy the E-on mag (which I do) then I hope you will have a little look for my photo in there :D I know I sure will be

looks like the next few weeks have a lot install for me so we will have to see what happens :D

shame I never got any shoots from the Fights
but here some nice Screens anyway


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