Monday, 6 July 2009

i love Stealth Bombers

the Nemesis my Stealth Bomber i love it to bits

the feeling of flying around with something a smashable as a glass car hiting a lorry is fantastic
no matter its so easy to blow up its fast (wich is always good) and its Stealth cloaky cloaky
fly around the gate no one can see me
fly around a blet no one can see me
not even my own corp mates can see me
you can only see me when i and my 5 other buddys decloak around you and ECM, torp and bomb your ass intill its gone
when help comes around we allready back in to the shadows :D :D :D

so i was flying around provi with this ship and 4 other of my corp mates and a freind of one of them in a cov ops scouting
we did not get any kills nore did we do anything much but fly around some systems
but it was a success of an op as we got used to flying our new ships, talked a lot, made plans for next week, had fun, etc...
well all i can say is the Stealth Bomber is very cool i cant wait to get in to the Force Recon Ship the Arazu but i will wait till larger fleets for that (can ECM and lock down while the bomber do the DPS)

iv also gotten in on two kills in the 2V gang which was fun (i got them in my bubble :D :D)

apart from that its normal eve play at the moment
im still getting my cap ship skills up and building the beast
and earning money (spent a lot on ships :P)

no pics today as im on a laptop without my screens on it
but i will update later in the week with some lovey examples from my travils and some more news on what iv been up too

till then

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