Monday, 27 July 2009

systems check

lights check
buttons check
core CPU unit check
Drone bay check
Fighters check
repair systems check
Power core check
Ward drive check
Jump drive check

systems online
Fighters pilots on standby
Warp drive ative !

yes i have my cap ship
the beast the Thanatos is ready
i spent forever loading it full of drones and fual and mods
its allready i really feel like im flying a mobile base
it can even refit itself in sapce lol

i will get you pics lol i keep bloging on my laptop and then keep forgeting to update

also in the events for zama118 and now zarca zama my new alt :) that i am very happy with he is currently skill trianing ooo god i wish i had the 100% bonues when i started

well yesterday i got stuck in HED-GP in my Stealth Bomber very stupid thing to do
i went there coz someone said it was praticaly blue (not geting the hint that praticaly ment less red than normal)
true to form there was a gate camp (only 30 odd local very low numbers for that system)
but still i had to get out sharpish and i was stuck for a while while i tryed to find a way back to the gate without geting draged in to the bubble.
a freind matrix came in to save me but he died at the gate (i feel guilty for that)
then i managed to find a way around the bubble made one safe spot off the gate before i left (just to be on the safe side) and out i go in once peace

apart from all that its same old
allince has seen some changes and more to come i will probley talk about them when they are all done and dusted
and katy ling a new player to eve got a solo kill tristan Vs riffter very amused to see he won (the fact that the riffter only just got out of a gate campe with hull damage probley effected his changes)

till next time
fly safe (coz i sure the hell dont)

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