Wednesday, 12 August 2009


its another one of them "arg" days
iv lost my domi
again! (why you think they call me i go boom)
take a look here i lost it in AY-YCU
no intell on them.
aaa well i cant expect to be 100% safe all the time
they also got my pod with the +5 implants

so im back in high sec for a little bit to get some money back and to start a new line of life for zama

im going to start runing R&D(Research and Development) agents
i have one lined up right now for CreoDron its a level 3 and im going to start with electronic engineering

it has to power to earn me money while im not online (which i like the idea)
right now im spaming missons to get better agent
also a plus of this i get better standing with Gallente Federation which is my race and i get LP to spend on cool stuff i can use (which i love)

anyway i will keep you updated on this
im also thinking about wormholes a lot
i want to go in there and live in that space but i also want to sort some stuff 1st
so more updates on this as it happens

here some pics to leave you with

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