Thursday, 12 April 2012

more images to keep you nutters happy

so sad story 1st
i am reaching the end of my degree, so i got a lot of work to do
not much time to play eve and not much time to think about what to write in a blog

but i am still playing (when i should be working) and i do like my screenshots so you can look at them intill i find time to blog again


yer i got a naga, for long range sheild gangs we been flying. it hits a target real hard for a rail boat... as a poor mining barge found out when i found him mineing in the belts:
tengu in fight :P
but ugly tengu

so yer i got all the strategic cruiser skills up, fly around a tengu... but this one is not a normal tengu...

flying a dictor around in fleets is fun. you forget how much fun small ships are intill you fly them again

my new vindy
vindy ready to jump :P
lots of BS :D
got a vindicator... i will say no more :D

Monday, 19 March 2012

Voteing for CSM and scaning in a arazu

short update today, been besy with uni work

i feel as a bloger and as someone who belives in the CSM i must say something about voteing this year.

1st: Vote go out and vote before its to late
go here and take a look

pick someone who matchs your veiws and vote for them
i am not going to tell you who to vote for, or who i have voted for (needless to say i have voted). as i belive that it is a personal choice and i sould not try to convice you to vote for anyone unless it is myself

i was doing a bit of home defence yesterday. fly my ishtar around and... , lets just say did not end so well... dont try to solo two canes not smart idea in a Ishtar. so i get my arazu and start scaning for them (they are now hideing) find out i can scan them down very fast if i get people telling me what they are close too. shame i never got to kill them (they align out and warp soon as i get there). needless too say im going to fly it around again and try a bit more scaning

till next time
fly sideways

Thursday, 8 March 2012

black ops fun, one less SC in the world

yup i had fun yesterday

took my sin out for a spin with a bunch of other Black ops and cov ops ships (almost more black ops than cov ops in this fleet) it was epic to take my lovely black ops out again after its been collecting dust for sooooo long. though i really need to refit it as the fit on it is old and needs major update.

anyway because it was a black ops and these things are best kept under wraps im not going to give you details just tell you what happend.

so we form up the fleet and move out to the system we will lie in wait for (i am not brigeing today so no need for extra fuel) i get to trundle along and jump myself with the fleet (which is just major fun when you have every black ops on the feild and feel like a ninja). we are looking for a target when a spy reports a nyx sitting in a pos in a standing fleet no one is in command of (this nyx is AFK!!! in a fleet not sitting in fleet command or even squad command this is a very stupid thing to do). so long story short we get "bat phone" to freinds to bring in support (as we dont have the DPS or tackle for a nyx) while this is going on a moblie bubble is acored in system where we will sping the trap, spy takes squad command warps the sucker to the moblie bubble, he is traped we jump in start shooting and support fleet comes in starts shooting and bubbleing (this is it he is dead). then he self destructs GOD DAM IT!... haha ah well at least its one less SC in the game.

it was a good show and i was happy to be apart of it, no killmails to show off but you know you got the job done and that is a nice feeling :D

in other news:
i was flying a ceptor in the epic fight in c-j6mt, flew with some freinds and i can tell you the time dilation makes flying a ceptor in big fleet fights so much more fun.

 it was an epic battle props to PL and Goons for showing up too, its nice just to have a fight for a fights sake now and then and this was one of them fights. over 1900 in local and i was able to use my ceptor to kill over 15 targets, kill as in we went for other ceptors and dictors... now that was a fun CTA

also i got myself a vindicator for low sec PvP, im not going to tell you how i fited it or where it is so stop hopeing :P, needless to say its allreayd makeing a mark and its has a nice faction fit, with the web bounes and damage bounes this is one nasty boy
yer i got myself a vindy

CQ shot for the vindy

anyway till next time
fly sideways

Friday, 17 February 2012

how to deal with botters

my corp mate has come up with a nice way to deal with botters in high sec. not anything new or for that matter nice... just go a blow them up, i assure you it eats in to there profit

good lord 'perun' is on a rampage 
but you can see how effective a single thorax can be
he has even got some juicy pods

my corp yesterday did the same thing but with more numbers and cheaper ships

I'm sure that some of them "macks" are botters, some possible not but this is a lesson to pilots in eve online "you are never fully safe anywhere", my tips are:
#1 - always be watchful
#2 - never go afk in space
#3 - always fit your ship for combat (a hulk can be fit take more damage than these ones where)
#4 - if you dont know them assume they are there to kill you
#5 - never fly alone if you can help it, lone botters die, lone miners die, lone pilots die. anyone in eve who is successfully is so because they have Friends, even a solo pvper will have Friends in some place

i live in 0.0 everyone that is not blue is there to kill me (and have done for the last 4 years)
when i do go to high sec (which is rare and happens less often) i assume just the same and take the same steps i would in 0.0 to stay alive

we are not greifing you, we are teaching you the harsh lessons about this game

look at all the missles!

till next time
fly sideways

Thursday, 16 February 2012

tengu's ahoy

ok so yer lots of blogs this week
i cant help myself

today seems i go along to a CTA in my ares (trusty little ceptor it is), its a tengu fleet (yer i know I'm in the wrong ship but everyone needs ceptors and i always do my part), as such i get such a nice lot of screens i have to share them so here we go...

apart from the fun i had flying my ceptor around it was not a very fun fleet to be in, there was a battle but it was very short and only got a hand full of kills... at least we did not lose and i have fun with the ceptor

in other news (or at the same time i was away orbiting tengus at over 5000m/s) my corp went out on a roam in destroyers to gank hulks in high sec... they killed 3 then called it a night. 3 hulks for what was about 9 destroyers between them (and they got to loot the Field) not bad and a bit of fun. always teaching the lesson in eve, watch out you are never safe no matter where you are. high sec is not safe space it is just space where after someone has killed you they will get poped themselves... 

till next time
fly sideways

days when everything goes wrong

some days in eve
everything can seem like its not going your way

1st my corp lose 2 dreads while trying to destory a small POS, they got ganked by more dreads and a nyx.
then the roam we took out out ganked by a gang twice our size... lessons learnt
then i have to sell my customs office to some stupid people because they want to charge 10% to everyone inc. their own alliance (i told them they are crazy and ownt earn any money or make any freinds (most likey be told to set it back again)) but anyway i sold it and now i need to move my PI somewhere else (im not paying 10% tax)

but good thing is, the dreads shruged off the loss and going to keep going
we will roam today and make up for any misstakes
and i will move my PI to somewhere which is easyer for me to manage

quick update on how eve can throw that curve ball at you. just bonce back again

till next time
fly sideways

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

the low sec gate camp thing...

not much been going on in null at the moment (at least not where we live), thats always the sign to go somewhere else and have a bit of fun.
so we roam Providence a bit, it nice to see my old home back up and working again even if i am the one going around killing people in it this time round, but honastly i belive i am teach lessons and looking for good fights, provi has always used to be the place where people go to learn about 0.0. now that it seems its back to that i am more than happy to lend a helping hand in teach people about loss...

ma cane and tempest :D

we also been camping avair, avair is the 1st system in a dead end low sec pokect, sitting on the ebo gate and waiting for targets is how we are currenty passing out time out of fleets (when we dont have anything else to do in other words), it is painful at times then all of a sudden then it can get very frantic and fun... low sec for ya...

nice shot i think

got a tempest for my alt :D nice ship if you want a BS that can move and do some nice damage (next i guess will be the teir 3 BC the tornado), also spent about 500mil isk on skillbooks i can now fly every sub-cap in the game (with zama) then every mini ship with zarca (my alt) :D

hummm it looks so 3D
anyway till next time
fly sideways

From South to North Then back South again

Read about addicted Eve player and his Renewed ramblings in the South of eve, PvPing mostly but never one to stay away from a challenge, I'm sure you will find something i blog about that makes you smile.

please feel free to comment back
and i hope you enjoy reading my ramblings in space

my spelling and grammar is very poor, so i apologize and if there is anything you cant read say and i will try to correct it

fly safe
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