Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Heros of Eve

Ok today I’m going to houner people in eve who are often overlooked when it comes the grand scem of things

They never appear in Eve alliance reports. They are not CEO's (tough some of them are), they are not major FC's in battles long remberd by them who take part, they are not major Mining and production tycoons and they are not the well know pirates around me shooting me

But get this
They could be every one of these as well (Inc... pirates)

So who am I talking about?
Well I’m talking about what is problem the smaller majority of eve players
Each corpation has them
Each alliance has them
They and very low key and don’t show up a lot (in things such are agreements) but they achieve so much
They keep their heads when things become unresnalbale
And most of all they give and keep on giving to everyone around them
They give their time and their money to help people who have less than them
These are the people who would give you there very last ship (or a hanger full of ships) just so you can buy that 1 last mod or get back in to the fight

I have known a lot of these kinds of people in my life on eve
From the very 1st day I played I had someone give me advice and then help me again once I messed up then helped me when I really messed up in to a gate camp in low sec
He gave me money and more inporatily the teaching on how to use it

When I joined my 1st corp there where a whole bunch of them who were willing to spend that extra hour helping me understand the complexity that is eve

as iv built up in my alliance I have meet some very knowalgeble people who give me advice or even a loan with no strings attached for 500mil (I gave it back the next day :P).
Also give teaching lots of advice (again)

So who are the heroes of eve?
They are the people who help, give and spend time with anyone (noobs or even experienced players). They basicly the people who teach to newbie’s so that they can become the big players in eve.
I know of many people in eve but only some do i think of that fit this group. Some of them have shown me the harsh way of eve (shooting me and convoing me after telling me my mistake), others have givening me things and shown me the kindness some players have, some have loaned me stuff and some have just sat around and told me how it works.
I don’t think this game would be worth playing without them. I don’t think any major alliance would be worth running without them. They are the heros of eve and i don’t need to name even a single one of them coz they know who they are.
My news for this blog
AAA, UK, Atlas and friends are attacking provi again and thus R3, Y-MP and G-5 have come under attack and SBU’s are active and reinforced timers are active.
Yer my home is under attack we are bleeding money. I’m getting killed often and neuts and friends are running away. GOOD i like it we weed out the ones who are not willing to stay and fight and we have kept the ones who are. FACTS on EVE all of us are here working and fighting to keep our assets alive. VVA have all of a sudden had a huge boost to active PvPers and people fleeting up to join in the fight. I am heading on my way to FC’ing larger better fleets and have done so a few times my skills are heading towards fleet command (I want fleet command to level 3 and the support skills level 5). We are getting loads of kills and I’m really getting to know my alliance members understand their worries and their passions.
It’s wonderful really nice feeling for us to get along and have fun. We have a New Team speak 3 server up and running getting alliance and neuts to join up for our fleets and its working out really well.
I can’t wait to see what happens next. And when (if) our space finally falls I will be there attacking whoever owns the space afterwards with my friends and new friends.
Watch us Swarm out of the station maby we cant match AAA numbers on there CTA's but we sure can kill anyone who thinks they going to bully us around 
VVA is not done not even close in fact I only see us getting stronger off this.

in eve iv always stod and fight
my 1st ship loss was in a war we never able to win and my frist kill was the same i will stand in the face of death and shoot it in the face till im dead or they give up


  1. I agree totaly with what are you are saying, people like this have helped me through my entire EVE existence.

    I am now trying to give back, not to the people who helped me to start with (Because they don't want me too), but to the newbies in the alliance and random people I see every day in EvE.

    While I did agree with everything you said in you post can I offer a piece of advice?

    Type you blog out on Word or some other writing programme on your computer, correct the spelling mistakes using auto spell checker and then copy and paste it into Blogspot.

    This is what I do and makes you blog alot more accesible to more readers.

    Please do not take offence at this, I am just making a general suggestion as I do enjoy reading your blog and think others will too, as long as they can understand you.

    Fly dangerous o/


  2. Thx a ton for your comment mail :)
    You’re the 1st person outside of my corp alliance who has commented
    Yes my spelling and grammar is very bad and needs a lot of work

    funny thing is I do type it out on word before i post it (and trust me if I did not it would be a lot worse) but I will take your recommendation on board and better proof read my next blog see if that helps.

    understanding me well thats a diffrent level :P

    Fly Reckless :)


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