Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Saying goodbye to a old friend

Ok so its not really a person but a system called HP-6Z6 my home for almost 1 and a half years
Iv learnd a tone about 0.0 life and CVA 0.0 life down here. my corp has kill over a 1000 CVA KOS listed reds and its the place iv been most happy in my time in eve
Ok so the system is not gone yet i guess i got a few days still and im going to have fun harrassing Noirs attemnts to keep us down. (or i think there trying to keep us here)

time to move on i think :D
i think i will keep Bugining the locals for a bit then move on to diffrent space (Possibley go live in WH space for a week or two again) for a while then who knows
One thing i do know im going to Stay in VVA and FACTS :D and we are going to go on to new tasks

one thing i do hope is that the station Legacy stays forever (i put a lot of effort to puting that station up and i hope it is respected)

well iv not bloged in a while and some things have happed since then
such as my corp getting 1000 kill mark and becomeing the Corp with the most kills in the allinace, which i think for us being the smallist corp in VVA and not a PvP corp is dam good.
Iv also got my hands on a Black ops (the sin) which i can Black ops Brige other ships with, i got to tell you its frickin azsome to be in a ship that can Jump and Brige and is not the massive Captial ship size
in light of that im also trying to get my jump drive calibration to level 5 as the black ops jump range is really really poor.

well i always say a image says far more than my poor speeling could ever so here are some:

Me playing on the test sever

A Conga line at a frigate torrny for Pelican's 1st birthday :)

A VVA op to take down the station services in R3 Was loads of fun

Two ships fighting in the Frig torrny

Me somewhere in that mass about to titan brige

humm i dont seem to have any pics of my black ops i got to take some

till next time Fly safe!

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