Sunday, 11 April 2010

Let it be known

HP-6Z6 has fallen

all my stuff is out and we/myself are ready for the next move :)

but let it always be known that HP-6Z6 is VVA space we came to the HK constaliaton routhly two years ago where it was contstantly under attack from Pirates and the locals where useless at defending themselfs. after a long time training and work we made it to a place where all pirates stay clear of (under knowlage that they would never leave again or die very quickly)
we then became CVA holders and HP became ours it was a dead system with a few POS in system no one wanted to do anything there. we moved in (30+ VVA in local almost all the time) built our outpost (which was a long and painful process) without no help from no one else, thus turning HP-6Z6 in to a trade up for the HK constaliation and a place where people came for fun.

The outpost was never CVA's its always been VVA stronghold and thus i hope everyone will respect the work we put in to this system and to the whole of the constaliaton.

I allreayd seen some people clame the system is a CVA space and the attack is on CVA not VVA. nope its ours we managed it and built it up and they are takeing away the very 1st outpost from VVA not the last outpost but still.

I never really liked the whole idea AAA put out which sums up to "we come in overwelling force so that small alliances can take away what larger and more powerful alliances worked very hard for". Noir who i have respect for (no smack talk in local, very dissapined force, pirates and mercs that plan out there moves and rarely slip up) would of never taken the system from us on there own VVA alone would of betten them back (this i am sure of). We based everything we do off hard work (never take handouts worked for our system worked for everything we have) and it has made us strong (strong enfo to get past this horrabile loss) and we will keep on doing this space we own we will work for.

Getting my Corps stuff out was quite fun they really wanted to kill my black ops (lucky for me iv flown big ships far to much and not make meny misstakes)
Got a POS in system which going to let die (no point takeing it down its too hot in system)
all in all as always FACTS as the lest amount of losses (all losses in direct PvP not runing away) and everything is out.

So i will close off with the Fact that as an alliance and a corp we stayed with CVA to the very end holding our Holders oeth and i was very happy to do so.
After all EVE is a harsh, black and evil place this is why i love the game so much. This war its all part of the game and i enjoy every moment of it.

Anyrate lets see what happens next

fly safe

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