Sunday, 7 November 2010

Ok so its been a while (again)

allright i think i keep starting this blog and burning out because i put to much effort in to makeing it sound good. also its a lot of work for me to make long texts that are spelt and gammicaly correct (as you can see in said example). but latey my writeing has inporved a lot so i was thinking i would fill you guys in (yer no one reads this so i am basicly talking to myself) about whats been going on with me and my eve life, without trying to go in to much detail and without trying to write long epic blogs...
i also like to post some new pics :D

so where did i leave off.... ahh PI.
so my PI stuff expanded quite a bit i now have 4 worlds mineing and 1 world puting everything toghter (which seems to be a very populer choice) i will get some photos toghere so you can see how my system works

so what has happend to my Alliance
as i have said i help run an alliance (VVA) which for all instisve resons is dead now (about 30 members all alts of the old directors (inc my own)). long story short: VVA takes in more carebear corps(than we allready have), VVA told to PvP more, VVA makes a massive push to PvP (which i might add starts to work), some people rage quit when we tell them they cant carebear 24/7 (carebear corps leave), others quit as we are pushing hard and they are working hard so they go somewhere else where they can relax a bit (i dont blam them that much), our leader lumis goes MIA (this is just before we are told to PvP more), with no order from up high people lose fiath and start looking else where, LOTS of people leave at once, VVA left with the hardcore (which are very very good PvPers and Eve players), we have a meeting and say we dont want to rebuild again so we will part ways...

thats a very long story cut short and maby i am talking about how i feel it happend.

so what is happening with my Corp
my corp FACTS on EVE... did not die with the alliance as most would think founding corps do, when VVA split ways we took in all the corps membership which was left and wanted to stay in NC space (XSI who our still our very good freinds left to go back to provi and help CVA i wish them much luck as i wish CVA luck as well).
so we said ok lets join another NC alliance, after a good look round and chat with lots of people (offers and such) we settle with OWN allaince... why you ask with all the news of them at late. OWN repesent for us a chanse to grow our name inside an alliance which is still growing and learning. we stand out more in OWN and we will help with whatever they tell us to do. i understand the stuff thats just gone on and see it from both sides, and to be honast i dont care as now i can grow my corp (which now has lots of members and fantasic ones as well its a real joy to see corp chat :D) while not haveing to deeply submit myself to alliance matters and politics.

so we are very happy

so whats been going on with me
well for a while now (ever since VVA droped sov and said to PvP more) iv been homeless new space is on the horazien but iv been pritty much soild PvPing (major fleets and such)
i trying to solo PvP more (and small gang) also keeping up my FCing skills and learning new stuff. like takeing down logi supported gangs and such.
here some stuff i been up to with PVP with pics..
such as bubbleing the crap out of stuff

titan brigeing

Big fleet movement

 Raining missles down on stations (oo yer i have trained missiles skills up and cand fly a tech 2 drake, i feel so very very wrong)
 Lazors on a Ihub!

To end with
im still working on them guides (very slowley ofc) and i have a new plan for a maby new type of fleet style... but i will keep a lid on that coz if it works i dont want you to know :P

yer so i played with the new avitars a bit to much and made zama 2.0
  notice he looks sorta like zama but older and more strict (instead of zamas current im passive face)

till next time (which i think wont be that long)
fly sideways!

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  1. Yes... someone is reading your blog! Although I admit I only noticed an update today lol

    I'll be interested to see what this new fleet is you are discussing (I think I may know?) but all will become clear no doubt when I return to Facts in the VERY near future!


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