Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Stuck in SV5

So im stuck in my pod in SV5
:D i knew if i went to this CTA it would be my Megathron's last. well at least it was a good fight :D
also a well run sinper fleet but if you get called primary you going to die 
i see wensley in local :P he killed one of my corp mates who was unlucky to fly in to there trap at a cyno in his cov ops

well not much really to blog about apart from the waiting in SV5
i have not been on much as i had pressing uni work to get on with (dont want to fail how ever much i love to play eve)
and apart from that things are going very well
with FACTS on EVE getting new members (waves corp mates in Facts forums) and we are for once in our corp history makeing more money than we are spending (which means we can buy nice things for the corp and members). we are doing our own PvP ops never before have i had a FACTS only PvP op outside of high sec war decs
which i really enjoy, i may even get pratice my FC'ing some more

here some screens i took today

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