Saturday, 9 January 2010

Another day of managment and fun

So if you hold a place of alliance director you seem to get drafted to do things at stupid times of days :)

One of these things is hauling in my Cov ops transport over 2 billion worth of minerals to jita to sell for the alliance
The amount of money that had going in to my account that day was dizzying for me (ok 2 bil not that much but still it’s quite a lot just to pass hands)
But that was a while ago

Also helping escort freighters is another one of them respocen abily :D
New sinience upgrades level 5 pirate decation field and the cyno jam upgrade 
It’s all good fun helping beyond billions of stuff come in to system to help upgrade our money making power :D I will be enjoying the new sites that come live soon and also being able to cyno jam our system

I really love a good slug out between 2 fleets and fleet sizes where you don’t instant pop if you get called primary 
So while I am waiting to escort this freighter there is a red fleet handing around in our way
R3, X-R3 they are hanging around in heavy drake and shield support fleet
so like a good boy I’m already in my Myrmidon, which I love to bits did you know the Myrmidon is the 1st ship I got a kill in :D also the 1st ship I lost to PvP at the same time,  so I fleet up and we move to engage them...
Here is how the fight went from my point of view (1st time I don’t this in my blog as well)
So we all meat up in x-r3nm and got on the r3-k7k gate. Then found out they were on the misaba gate so we jump in aline, then they all warp to us on the x-r3nm gate so we reapoce and then they land and jump we follow after. so what happens after is a slug out where the two snail across the grid the drake fleet moving as fast as they can away from our tackles and us trying to keep up with them in our mix of ships.
I was hanging back a bit as my myr had long range rails and drones that and be controlled at long range. So we start popping them one by one. We also had logistics with us but the problem being our movement pace was all different and some people moved out of range of the logistics and thus were blown apart in a hail of missiles and drones
Overall we did much better than them with not many losses and lots of kills :D
After that they left whoever had been takled to die and ran away
Another fun match: D

How to have fun loseing ships

so the next day comes along and my freind and corp mate Humongo tells me that a friage gang is setting up in 9UY to go help take on a red fleet. So I get my trusty ishker (not my ishtar :D) and head on down join up. there is a large gang in 9-F0B2 so our little gang (we numbered just 20 frigates) headed over to y-mpwl where there was a Moros under attack, once we get there the reds start to leave, did manage to kill a Prophecy before he got out which is always fun. So the large red fleet is now in 9uy and we ordered to meet up with another large blue fleet to take them on. meet them in 9uy as the reds jump out toward 9-fob2 again.
So the blue fleet we are with follows them in to 9-fob2 and we then follow the blue fleet :D. the fight that followed was a blood bath for our side. I think it was reported they had 9 Guardians which means a LOT remote repi was not able to take down anything but a lonely manticore which I ponched on too fast for them to re. then I died in a hail of fire so many bubbles going up my pod as well.
but I had a hell of time dieing what I way to go in a fight like that fire EVERYWHERE!
So I was not done with that fleet for the day
I had ended up in my new clone and get right back in to my trusty Myrmidon (you will rember form the report above)
A new larger blue fleet is being formed to kick there ass and I join up and race with them to the D-GTMI system. Where on the gate to t-rpfu we warp (well most of us) I’m the 1st to land and BAM local starts to spike. then one hell of a slug fest begins and with our own logistics this time and most of their taken down or ECM'ed we wipe the floor with them
very nice fight
later one we catch another one in FX-7EM then I call it a day and head home

Letters from E-ON
Hello there

Thanks for entering the recent Dominion screenshot competition in E-ON magazine. This message is to inform you that your entry was chosen for publication and that we have a copy of the latest magazine to send to you - just as soon as you can reply to this with your mailing address. Within a few days you can also expect 100m ISK in your wallet too!

All the best and thanks for your entry.
well I never knew my screen shots where that good :D
if you Buy the E-on mag (which I do) then I hope you will have a little look for my photo in there :D I know I sure will be

looks like the next few weeks have a lot install for me so we will have to see what happens :D

shame I never got any shoots from the Fights
but here some nice Screens anyway


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