Sunday, 10 January 2010

On the battlefeild

so im reporting directy from the battlefeild now
where i am partakeing in my 1st sov takeover :D

in a sniper battleship fleet and are defending a bunch of onlineing TCU's

and we are so board we have started to make conga lines around the safe POS we are in

:D and thus my 1st day of war is spent makeing conga lines and Shooting red Pos's (for something to do...)coz AAA where to busy to defend there space aaah well there loss...

i was flying for the 1st time ever in my eve history a sniper fit Megathron which i am very inpressed with and did enjoy flying a lot

well lets see what the next few days hold for me as the fighting will surely get better :D
have some nice screens of the event :D

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