Monday, 29 November 2010

epic coolness

this is epic
1st time ever i have been able to play eve accoss 2 screens (apart from  main and alt setup)
i will have to play arond with diffrent layouts of windows to see which works best

i love this to bits i can now see EVE without all the windows
also the way the veiw is over other windows (not steched) is so lovely a real vista if i say so

this plus being able to respend my learning skills (and the genral getting rid of leading skills) and the changes in the new patch (inc ammo changes and  genral inpovements)
i have to say its a patch im most looking forward

also playing around some more with fraps im going to start by makeing a video guide to flying a keres in small fleets or solo :)

intill next time
fly sideways

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