Tuesday, 16 November 2010

So i made a EVE video now i want a medal

so yer while siting around in my pod i played around with fraps and made this

not the most fantasic thing in the world i know (muisc is crap to start with)
but this is just the 1st stage now i know how to use the program and what kinda stuff it will give me (and tested uploading and very basic editing) i am now going to make the guides i was talking about but useing fraps and a mic :P
thats going to be fun... 
apart from this since i last posted only a few things have happend
My corp has a new home (so we can now center ourselfs once more)
Iv gotten in to some nice fleets with nice fights(also still working on the FCing and cov ops gang work i want to do)
FACTS is no1 on the killboard still (dam we own :P)

so all good times
the effort i was putting in to the old alliance is now going in to my corp and i want to aim high (be recoinised as a major corp in EVE would be nice) so i have whole load of plans and so far they are working :D
lots of plans i have (money makeing plans, Cap building plans, PvP plans etc...)
Im also working on expanding my PI work to incude my alt so i can make 2 times the product i have been able to before (i need to stock up enfo to fill a JF)

intill next time (which might be soon again)
fly sideways

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