Sunday, 30 May 2010

This world is mine

OK so i been taking a look in to PI and how I'm going to do it

I'm going small scale at the moment (1 world 1 end product)

I'm going to setup on a lava world in NPC 0.0 (which i wont tell you where it is)
This world will use Heavy Metals and Base Metals to make Toxic Metals and Reactive Metals respectfully
then take them metals and make Construction Blocks which i see is used in Tech 2 ships and carrys on to a respectable amount of planetary Specialized Commodities and Advanced Commodities so i believe with demand on this going to be high so i can make a respectable passive income on it :D (here is me hoping)

so the idea is this will be a little money maker for me (0.0 system will give me then eage) i can use it to make some respectable money (not anything crazy) then expand on it if i get the time

i may expand on this later see how it goes (more worlds would be cool but I'm not a big indy player)

iv been using the EvE uni wiki to work out the details very useful give it a look if you can

anyway here is some images of my current setup on Sisi (so this may be subject to change)

so this image you can see 3 extractors for the Base Metals a storage that stores the excess. the goods get moved from the storage to the processing that makes Reactive Metals that then again moved to storage that is linked to one half of the Refined factory's (making Construction Blocks) which then is linked to my spaceport

 The other side same again with the Heavy Metals making Toxic Metals that links to the final half for the Construction Blocks


The whole thing:

Now please i would like to know what you think of my setup how could i inpove or if you found to information useful


  1. 1) CC does not need to be connected to supply CPU and power. You can use a shorter link direct to the spaceport.

    2) You can route the first extractors back to the storage they draw from, and save the mid-link storage. This will probably allow you more extractors.

    2a) Alternatively you can swap the spaceport and the middle extractor and use the spaceport for storage.

  2. 1) Yes as you can see i did connect for that reson but worked it out afterwards (i just to lazy to change the link lol)

    2)so i understand the middle storeage for the 2nd stage of building is useless so i might get rid of them, but i cant quite understand what you are saying in that point could your expand a bit as i am stupid :)

    2a) now that is a good idea going to rebuild and give it a go

    thx for your comment very useful :D

  3. Nice post!! You're actually making me reconsider my original decision not to persue PI ;)

  4. What I said might make more sense when you try to put multiple processors next to each set of extractors and multiple processors producing construction blocks too.

  5. Hey Zama, interesting stuff, and thanks for helping me get started on Tuesday. :)

  6. I'm making various items (coolant x2, mechanical parts, oxygen, construction blocks, supertensile plastics, enriched uranium) and I am slowly putting extra storage in.

    I have been finding in some places that I am loosing resources because some parts are full. I dont know if the storage requires cpu or power but if you can afford to have them I would suggest you keep them. If I need them in highsec setups you deffo need them in null.

    I just need to upgrade to one of the top cc's now, but thats skills holding me back (AGAIN) lol


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