Saturday, 20 June 2009

an eventfull week

again real life is getting in the way of my eve time
which is normal i think :D

but even though that its still been an eventfull week as some major things have happend to me

my cap ship training is getting there i now have capital ships at level 3 so thats now just 4 days till i can fly my Thanatos which i think is so cool
then starts the training to be able to use it in a fight (and jump it to somewhere useful) so thats like another 100 days still (arg)
the skill books cost a lot as well it really hurts the bank account

iv also managed to get hold of all the BPC's (Blue Print Copy) for it a freindly corp thats in my alliance is going to give me the Capital Ship Components and iv just been down to jita (ARG) to pick up a Thanatos BPC (50 mil, ME 2)i was very happy
iv got a lot of mins iv allready donated to the corp to help build the beast so now i just got to wait

i also wintnessed a Cap ship gang getting owned at a gate
at the time i was in my Viator so i could do nuffing to help (or i would of)
so i sat there and watched 4 cap ships 1 dread and 3 carriers get torn apart bit by bit
after they died a blue fleet came in and sceard all the reds away (good timeing lol)
by the looks of things the cap ships warped in thinking they could take the red gang only to be overwellmed by a force that is more powerful and very well orgazised
i took some screens as well

all in all i say thats eventful
inside my alliance as been eventful as well with my best freind leaveing VVA for a another more PvP foucasd alliance (we will see how that works out)

just leaves the fact that eve is never a dull place

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