Monday, 4 May 2009

ICE mineing

ice mineing is a boreing affar.
takes me about 4 mins to min get something.
and seeming as im useimg my hulk and not a Mackinaw its very slow.
all my other corp mates use a Mackinaw and they get twice as me. i will get a Mackinaw but there where none in region at the time to buy (which is very strage).

ratting in 0.0 on the other hand is not boreing. i give you the resons for this:
A. your doing something and stuff go boom
B. you get a lot of money (even more if you loot)
C. feels like your getting somewhere (ok thats just me)
D. your in a combat ship in 0.0 (and im close to my POS) if any reds come around i can dump the mineing quickly swap ship and go have a bit of fun

my curret PvP is a ishtar with very good locking speeds not insta lock but it can lock a pod in 2.4 seconds.
only problem is iv not found the time or the right red to catch with it
coz it has no takle it needs a fleet so i need a about 2 hours of time to be able to hunt around with it. thats my problem with PvP at the moment takes to long im not much of a come online for long time kinda person and also i like to do my own thing and not get told what to do by usealy much yonger players

hualing can be fun
runing past reds is a blast in my transport ship :D
they did not even see me i did this 10 times

also seen this gate camp (in high sec on the way to ammar once)
here is the pic
i was impressed with it i liked the layout of drones at the gate and the battleships acting like a block for ships

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