Wednesday, 20 May 2009

silly pies

i came accross the same two again !
and thay had fallin for the same trick again with the domi (not mine this time)
almost had them this time with the ishtar in hull but no got away again maby next time

the whole day the eve sever has been on the frits (shuting down randomly and strage gate jumping problems where your new system never loads)
i got kicked out while i was in a complex with rouge drones shooting me (lucky it was not a hard one or i would of been dead)
how annoying

yesterday i shot at the FACTS POS just for fun flying around in my Incursus the large guns where not even able to hit me very fun i had to fly away and wait 15 mins before it would stop shooting at me
if i was flying anything larger i would of been cooked in seconds

well there you go a small update
fly safe

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