Tuesday, 26 May 2009

big mineing ops

had a big allinace mineing op yesterday
it was a good turn out i thort 20 people with rorq support we cleaned out 4 0.0 belts (and that's no easy task)
there was fun chat and good team work i enjoyed it a lot

and today our corp had a big ice mineing op which had a lot of the alliance join in with
it was fantastic to have all our Friends come out and join
they did there own ice mineing but we got nice bones :D and its nice having your alliance mates around you when your doing something that boaring
we chatted about all sorts of stuff (POS, cap ships, computers, bla bla bla....) it was a good night

iv been hypeing myself over cap ships lately
i have now devoted myself to the Thanatos like no one business :D i cant wait
iv been learning all about POS warfare and what and what no to do with carriers
also good tricks to do with them, fighter drones are soooooo cool i cant wait to get my hands on them. I'm going to be ratting in it :P (use a another member to help me and stay at the POS with the cap ship let my fighters do the nasty stuff)

well I'm waiting on pics from my corp members over the ice mineing op i will upload them soon

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