Saturday, 23 May 2009

god i love wormholes

well after that fleet i was talking about yesterday i found a wormhole (much the same as the one that lead to impass)

wormholes can lead to two diffrent places
they can lead to unknow space (wormhole space in other words) or back to know space (empire, low sec or null sec/0.0)
the one i found lead to null sec right smack bang on the other side of eve (lol very far away from me in distance not in jumps funnly) lead to the pure blind region
ooo what fun this area of space is lead by IRON which as the name sergests they do hold it in a IRON grasp
i flew around found a major load of them (they are all set as red to me) and then ran away
Cneagle was on as well we both whent about this region was not able to find much but it was good fun never the less (again did ratting right in the enamys strong hold which i think is utter crazy)
i know its not the most fantasic thing just flying around a region its just i love the fact im on the other side of EVE and in the center of my enamys space without haveing the pass a single gate camp
i just like to take a peak
wormhole where a wonderful addtion to eve utter fantasic
the gate bug hopefuly will be fixed with this next patch so everything will be good again in eve

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