Thursday, 16 February 2012

tengu's ahoy

ok so yer lots of blogs this week
i cant help myself

today seems i go along to a CTA in my ares (trusty little ceptor it is), its a tengu fleet (yer i know I'm in the wrong ship but everyone needs ceptors and i always do my part), as such i get such a nice lot of screens i have to share them so here we go...

apart from the fun i had flying my ceptor around it was not a very fun fleet to be in, there was a battle but it was very short and only got a hand full of kills... at least we did not lose and i have fun with the ceptor

in other news (or at the same time i was away orbiting tengus at over 5000m/s) my corp went out on a roam in destroyers to gank hulks in high sec... they killed 3 then called it a night. 3 hulks for what was about 9 destroyers between them (and they got to loot the Field) not bad and a bit of fun. always teaching the lesson in eve, watch out you are never safe no matter where you are. high sec is not safe space it is just space where after someone has killed you they will get poped themselves... 

till next time
fly sideways

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