Friday, 17 February 2012

how to deal with botters

my corp mate has come up with a nice way to deal with botters in high sec. not anything new or for that matter nice... just go a blow them up, i assure you it eats in to there profit

good lord 'perun' is on a rampage 
but you can see how effective a single thorax can be
he has even got some juicy pods

my corp yesterday did the same thing but with more numbers and cheaper ships

I'm sure that some of them "macks" are botters, some possible not but this is a lesson to pilots in eve online "you are never fully safe anywhere", my tips are:
#1 - always be watchful
#2 - never go afk in space
#3 - always fit your ship for combat (a hulk can be fit take more damage than these ones where)
#4 - if you dont know them assume they are there to kill you
#5 - never fly alone if you can help it, lone botters die, lone miners die, lone pilots die. anyone in eve who is successfully is so because they have Friends, even a solo pvper will have Friends in some place

i live in 0.0 everyone that is not blue is there to kill me (and have done for the last 4 years)
when i do go to high sec (which is rare and happens less often) i assume just the same and take the same steps i would in 0.0 to stay alive

we are not greifing you, we are teaching you the harsh lessons about this game

look at all the missles!

till next time
fly sideways

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